StarPlus Aman Roshni Jadu twists 30th July 2020

StarPlus Aman Roshni Jadu twists 30th July 2020

StarPlus Aman Roshni Jadu twists 30th July 2020 Roshni falls weak when Nasreen attacks her. Rehan seems positive since he holds the magical potion upwards until Roshni gets it. Roshni gains courage from Aman’s words. She can’t let him go away. She uses her Ayana powers to teach a lesson to Nasreen. Nasreen gets amazed to see her special powers. Roshni gets her hands on the potion and rushes back home to save Aman.

She finds the Kala Jinn approaching home to get Aman’s soul. She freezes for a moment until Tabeezi asks her to throw the potion towards the soul shield in time and save Aman. Roshni acts as instructed by Tabeezi. Upon throwing the potion, the family feels Aman would be safe soon. They get a big shock when the Jinn snatches Aman’s soul in a second and leaves. It gets unbelievable to see Aman dead.

The family cries for Aman. Rehan makes an apology to Aman that he couldn’t help Roshni in time and save his life. The family mourns for Aman. They think there is no way left to get Aman back. Aman’s death shatters everyone. Tabeezi tells Roshni that Jinn was promised to get Aman’s soul and he has taken his deposit with him, very soon Aman’s soul will be entering the world of Jinns. Roshni hurriedly goes after the Jinn to the dark cave, where none is permitted to enter.

She dares to summon the Jinn. The Jinn asks her the reason for coming. Roshni tells him that she had come to take her husband back. He mentions that Aman’s soul belongs to him and he has the whole right on it. Roshni tells him that she can’t give him Aman at any cost. She tells that she will change her fate by paying any price, Aman has to be back to her. Jinn tells that Aman will be going to the world of Jinns and have a reign there. He doesn’t want to free Aman. Roshni gets helpless to deal with him.

She asks the Jinn to make any possible deal, she is going to pay any price for the sake of Aman’s life. Rehan offers to give his life to the Jinn in exchange of Aman’s life. Roshni too asks the Jinn to take her soul, since she is special Ayana. Jinn refuses to take their souls. He wants something extraordinary. He keeps a big price for Aman’s soul. He tells Roshni that he wants Ayana and Jinn’s first child as the price for Aman. He asks Roshni if she is ready to give her first child. Roshni is in shock but also in fear of losing Aman.

Roshni accepts the deal and is ready to pay the ultimate price to get Aman back. Jinn scares her of losing Aman’s soul. Roshni makes a huge sacrifice. She tells him that she will give her first child to him, he will have the right on the baby and can take the baby anytime he wants. Jinn happily returns Aman’s soul to her. Roshni wins the battle against time and takes Aman’s soul home. She frees the soul, which enters the body and takes time to revive.

The family wants Aman to come back. When Aman doesn’t respond, they start losing hope. Roshni finds a solution to revive Aman. Roshni’s true love revives Aman back to life. Roshni and Aman’s love story wins and everyone finds it ideal. They praise Roshni for proving her love and defeating death. Aman gets thankful to Roshni. He turns too emotional on meeting his family. Roshni tells that they shall stay happy from now. Aman feels no sorrow can touch them now. Roshni hides the big truth of the deal with Jinn. Aman suspects her to be hiding something. He questions her to know the truth. Will Roshni reveal about the deal to Aman? Keep reading.

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