YRKKH News Latest twist Kaira search begins

YRKKH News Latest twist Kaira search begins

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YRKKH News Latest twist Kaira search begins 4th august 2020 Everyone goes well since Naira has done a daughter’s duty for Goenkas and saved their house and business. Naira tells Kartik that they shall wait for Samarth and Gayu’s return. She misses the kids, Vansh and Kairav. Also, Kartik plans a special romantic surprise for Naira. He had given her a surprise on the day when he decided to part away from the family. He was much sorrowful that time.

He feels that he should celebrate his happiness nicely when the fate ha given them a fair chance. Kartik and Naira spend quality time. Their romance is seen after the tiring dramatic track. Ahead is the return of Samarth and Gayu. The same track of Gayu’s pregnancy will go on, along with the twist of Kartik and Naira’s daughter coming back into their lives. Kartik learnt that his daughter isn’t alive and the detective confirmed it for him.

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He still wishes that the detective’s piece of news is false and his feelings are true. He hides his findings from Naira. Goenkas celebrate Gayu’s baby shower ceremony, since she is in the last trimester of her pregnancy. Samarth and Gayu are seen happy in the celebrations.

Kartik and Naira make the prayers with the entire family. Naira tells Gayu that Gayu should make a wish with a hope that it will turn true. Kartik wishes to get his daughter back. He prays that his wish turns true. the show will get back to the track aired before the lockdown. Kartik and Naira will be finding their daughter Kaira, since Sita’s track ended. How excited are you to watch a new entry in their lives? Comment below to state your opinion on the show’s upcoming track and spoiler twists.

Catch the latest promo from the show, where Manish is seen suffering from a mental illness. Manish turns into a kid mentally, while Kartik cares for him as a father. Kartik and Manish’s role reversal happens. Kartik finds it too difficult to look after his suffering father, who has always protected him from sorrow and pain. Interesting twists are coming up. Keep reading for more news on the show.






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