YRKKH Surprise twists Promo 5th August 2020

YRKKH Surprise twists Promo 5th August 2020

YRKKH Surprise twists Promo 5th August 2020 Kartik and Naira get surprised when Samarth and Gayu arrive home. They enquire about the kids. Naira misses Kairav a lot. Samarth tells that they didn’t get kids in the car, due to the pandemic situation, to keep them much safe. Gayu tells that kids will be coming once the situation gets better. Dadi worries that Gayu had to travel in the state of her pregnancy.

Gayu tells them that she was too restless and homesick, she wanted to be with them to get mental peace. The family understands her concern and supports her. Samarth tells them that they have undergone the tests for the virus and are safe. Dadi wants the family to be safe. Naira makes sure that Gayu feels comfortable. Gayu feels glad and at peace in her room. She tells Naira that she is feeling happy to be back home.

Naira promises to organize a Godh bharai ritual to bless the baby. Gayu gets excited for the function. Dadi wants her Bahus to do their duties well and take good care of Gayu. She wants Samarth and Gayu’s child to be fine. Suwarna also suggests to keep the function for Gayu’s happiness. Dadi finds Naira and Surekha suggesting the same. She doesn’t approve their plans, since it will be risky to get guests at home for the function. She tells that its better to keep Gayu safe from the pandemic threat.

She calls off the idea, which makes Gayu upset. Kartik and Naira still find a way and tell Dadi that they will cancel the puja and keep a party instead, where just the family will be together.

They tell Dadi that Gayu can get her share of happiness in the baby shower party. Dadi agrees to them. Naira surprises Gayu by throwing a big party for her. The family enjoys the function and feel happy. Kartik feels the family deserved a celebration after seeing so much sorrow. He regrets that Naira has lost her academy while saving the house. Naira is sure that they will win back everything they lost.

Kartik and Manish have a fun banter, where Manish tells that he will always be Kartik’s father, Kartik can never boss around. Kartik jokes that things may take a turn and he may be in father’s role for Manish. Manish doesn’t think it may ever happen. Manish gets bothered by a client, who is desperate to meet him. Manish asks Akhilesh not to entertain the client. He wants to avoid the person. On the other side, Kartik learns about his daughter’s survival chances. The detective informs him that he has got solid evidence and details about his daughter. Kartik feels the pain he underwent last time when the information was wrong.

He doesn’t want to get hurt once again. He tells the detective that he isn’t interested in knowing anything. The detective continues to message him so that Kartik meets him once. Kartik and Naira perform prayers for the family. They enjoy their time with the family. Naira asks Gayu to make a wish and ensures that her wish will turn true. Kartik also makes a wish on hearing this. He wishes that he gets his daughter back. Goenkas get into the celebrations.

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