Kumkum Bhagya Preview 6th August Rhea returns

Kumkum Bhagya Preview 6th August Rhea returns

Kumkum Bhagya Preview 6th August Rhea returns Rhea and Aaliya meet Abhi and find him unconscious. Sarita gets hurt. She asks Prachi to go and check on Pragya. Aaliya fails to see Pragya. Nurse tells Aaliya that Abhi was with his wife, she just left. Aaliya tells that Abhi doesn’t have any wife. Nurse tells that she has seen the records, Pragya is his wife. She tells that she had called Pragya’s home to inform her. Aaliya learns that Pragya’s family is coming to see her. She doesn’t want to meet Pragya’s family. She tells the nurse that Abhi and Pragya got separated because of a big issue.

She asks the nurse to click the picture of Pragya’s daughter when she comes. She pays the nurse. She asks the nurse to save her number. Prachi gets blocked entry when Aaliya shuts the door. Rhea promises Abhi that she will never leave him. She feels he is upset with her. She apologizes to him and sheds tears. Abhi gets conscious and meets his family. Rhea tells him that she just came to see him. He tells her that he is totally fine.


He enquires about Pragya. Aaliya tells him that Pragya left. She wants Meera to take Abhi home. Abhi wonders how did Pragya go. Abhi tells Meera that he will also come to finish the formalities. He wants to find Pragya. He doesn’t see Prachi and Sarita. Aaliya wants to take him before his daughter comes. The nurse finds Aaliya strange to pay her so much for Abhi’s daughter’s picture. Pragya faints in the washroom. Nurse finds her and makes her conscious.

Pragya recalls how she fainted due to weakness. She tells the nurse that she went to washroom and fainted. Nurse takes her to the ward. Prachi and Sarita come to see her. The nurse finds Pragya and her daughter together. She clicks their picture to send to Aaliya. Prachi takes Pragya home. Abhi settles in his room. He asks Rhea about her holiday. She asks him to take rest. Meera and Aaliya cover up for Rhea’s absence. Rhea lies to Abhi.

Abhi tells that he didn’t wish to talk to her after knowing her mistake. He tells that he had sent her a surprise and she didn’t even reply. Rhea gets tensed when he questions about the surprise. Aaliya asks Rhea to make coffee for him. She sends away Rhea. Abhi asks Meera to bring a phone charger. He thinks to call Pragya. Vikram meets Abhi and expresses his annoyance. He asks Abhi why did he leave from the function. Abhi tells him that he avoided the Sangeet ceremony since Vikram didn’t pay him to attend.

Rhea calls her friend to know what surprise did Abhi send for her. She checks recipe to make coffee for Abhi. Ranbir gets surprised to see her back. He tells her that everyone has missed her a lot. He expresses his happiness to get her back. He tells her that he doesn’t wish to get married to Maya. She also doesn’t want this to happen. She takes his help in making coffee for Abhi. He tells her that he can do anything for Abhi. They have a moment. She falls for him again. He tells her that Abhi will like a cup of cold coffee.

He plays music. Meera gets happy to see them together. Ranbir misses Prachi’s calls. Rhea gets angered to see Prachi still bothering them. She switches off his phone. She asks him to just accompany her to Abhi. Prachi gets upset that he isn’t answering. She doesn’t think she should feel bad. Rhea worries that Ranbir is still in love with Prachi. She tells Ranbir that Abhi was hospitalized. Ranbir didn’t know this before. He rushes to see Abhi.

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