Barister Babu Colors Update Bondita Anirudh 7th August

Barister Babu Colors Update Bondita Anirudh 7th August

Barister Babu Colors Update Bondita Anirudh 7th August Saudamini manipulates Anirudh on Binoy’s command. She makes Anirudh feel guilty and responsible for Bondita’s ill state. Anirudh can’t hurt anyone, even in dreams. He feels much guilty that Bondita is suffering due to his madness. He wanted to find a cure for her problem. He didn’t know that she will faint down and get health problems further. He believes Saudamini, who makes him see a wrong picture. He tells her that he accepts his defeat, he will not hurt Bondita by his unique solutions from now.

He tells that once Bondita wakes up and is fine to travel, he will drop her to Sumati’s place. Saudamini can’t believe that he will finally send Bondita to her village. She gets overjoyed seeing her plan working well. Anirudh gets burdened by guilt and sheds tears. Bondita gets conscious. Anirudh is informed that Bondita got conscious. Trilochan asks Bondita if she is fine. Anirudh asks Saudamini to get away and let him see Bondita. He asks her if she is feeling okay, if she is hurt or wants some medical help.

Bondita tells that she will support him in his fight, so that they can together win the challenge. Bondita tells him that she will make him win the challenge, she will have the food and water as instructed by Anirudh. She is ready to leave sweets and drink less water. She tells that she will have boiled food. Anirudh feels bad for her. Saudamini tells him that she will pack Bondita’s stuff, they will drop Bondita home before the sunset and return home.

Anirudh tells them that Bondita won’t go to Sumati’s house. He tells that Bondita trusts him, she isn’t accepting defeat, then he won’t accept defeat either. He tells Saudamini that he can’t break Bondita’s trust, Bondita is a fighter and will win the challenge. He tells Binoy that the decision can’t be taken until there is still for the challenge to end. He is sure that Bondita will make him win. He gets a new hope. He asks Binoy to trust him like Bondita does, they will win. Binoy asks Anirudh if they will run to save lives.

He asks Trilochan to see what days their Bahu will show them. Anirudh gets positive. He tells them that Bondita can get educated and become a Barrister like him. He tells that he will support Bondita’s education. He gets many big dreams for Bondita. Binoy thinks he is losing is mind. Anirudh tells that people may call Bondita as Barrister Babu as well. Trilochan can’t believe it. Saudamini gets upset when her plan backfires. She didn’t know little Bondita will give a new hope to Anirudh. She gets revengeful against Bondita. How will Anirudh solve Bondita’s problem? Keep reading. Comment your take on the show’s track, do like and share the post as well.

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