Barrister Babu Spoiler Anirudh snake twist 10th August

Barrister Babu Spoiler Anirudh snake twist 10th August

Barrister Babu Spoiler Anirudh snake twist 10th August Bondita and Batuk’s fights are the regular ones. Batuk gets crazy to learn some magic tricks. No one supports him in the family and asks him to put a stop to his new craze. Bondita too mocks him knowing he isn’t good at anything. Batuk gets upset when Bondita makes fun of his magic. He thinks to teach her a lesson. He takes the advantage of her ill health and rushes out of the room in a jiffy after switching off the lights. He scares her further of the darkness which will get over her mind in some time. Bondita is scared of darkness indeed.

Her childhood fears get triggered when Batuk locks her inside her room and leaves her in the darkness. Bondita gets flashes of her childhood, when she was locked inside a dark room and pleaded to get help. She was scared of a snake and wanted to get saved. Bondita’s fears of the darkness and the long snake gets known due to Batuk’s stupid act. Bondita bangs the door and shouts for help. Her plea soon reaches Anirudh, who comes and finds Batuk laughing at her helplessness. Anirudh rescues Bondita.

He tries to know what had happened. He scolds Batuk for his stupidity. Batuk feels sorry since he didn’t know about her fears. Bondita’s fears gets realized by Anirudh. He realizes that her problem had started due to her fears, which she needs to control by her mental strength. He finds the root of her problem and thinks to understand it, so that he can end it from the root itself. Anirudh realizes that she has been fighting with her fears every night and that’s when she wets the bed. Anirudh wants to save her from daily embarrassment.

He has just few hours left to recognize her problem and find a proper solution to solve it. Anirudh also dons a magician get up. He comes up with something new. The family gets the invite for the magic show by Anirudh. Anirudh keeps it for Bondita as his final attempt to end her fear. He thinks its a do or die situation for him, since he is risking it all to attempt to help her.

He thinks if Bondita doesn’t conquer over her fears, then she will be sinking more into it. He knows she is brave and strong, she can overcome it if he puts efforts. Anirudh makes the trick interesting. He asks Bondita to cooperate with him. She becomes a part of the trick. He makes her enter the magic box prop and also leaves a snake there.

She deals with the darkness and also the fear by seeing the snake. Anirudh wants her to realize that none can harm her, not even a dangerous appearing snake. He tries to end her fears by showing her the magic of self confidence and strength. He prays that her problem ends forever. Bondita wants to win as well, so that she gets glory for her husband. How will Anirudh solve Bondita’s problem? Will he succeed to end her fears? Keep reading.


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