Kasautii Nivedita crazy attempt for Bajaj 10th August

Kasautii Nivedita crazy attempt for Bajaj 10th August

Kasautii Nivedita crazy attempt for Bajaj 10th August Mr. Bajaj finds Prerna much disturbed. He decides to stay by her side until she gets into her normal self. She stays worried with the visuals of losing her daughter. He understands her sorrow. She tells that she will be fine and wants to be alone for some time. He tells that he will still be with her. She finds him much caring. He tells her that he has seen her love for Samidha, he feels that she should think of adopting Samidha and be a mother to her, since Samidha also lacks the love of parents in her life.

He tells her that she can complete her life by Samidha and also help Samidha in completing her life. He hints her that she should talk to Priyanka and consider adoption, so that Samidha gets a good family. Prerna feels he has a heart of gold, he thinks for everyone. When he tells such a big thing, she thinks its a really nice idea. She thanks him for always being with her. She tells that people misunderstand him a lot, but he always thinks of everyone like nobody else. She compares him with Anurag for a moment.

Prerna takes care of Samidha like a mother. She spends good time. She wants to be with Samidha. She tells that she will be dropping her home. Samidha makes tea for her and surprises. Samidha sings praises of Prerna, when Komolika and Nivedita arrive for some rituals. Shivani gets happy that Ronit has joined Mr. Bajaj’s company and is liking the position.

Prerna is happy for Shivani. She wants Veena to carry the rituals and talks with Komolika. Komolika finds Prerna just concerned for Samidha. She realizes that Prerna is seeing Sneha in Samidha, which is a good thing, since she will get another puppet to blackmail Prerna. Komolika stays back with Sharmas, while Nivedita goes to attract Bajaj. She gets insulted by him after he notices her weird behavior. She still feels he is the best and different from the rest. She wants to win his love. She finds him the perfect man for him. She assumes that Mr. Bajaj and Prerna are together just for Kuki’s sake. She thinks he will accept her if she tries harder. She gets on cloud nine. She gets into her dream land.

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