Kundali Bhagya Preeta stunning entry in Luthra family

Kundali Bhagya News Promo Preeta claims her rights

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Kundali Bhagya News Promo Preeta claims her rights Upcoming on 12th August 2020 Preeta will be claiming her rights on Karan, to stop his marriage with Mahira. Preeta comes with the extreme step to accept that she is Karan’s legal wife. She tells the Luthra family that she is Karan’s wife and can’t let him marry Mahira. She doesn’t want Mahira and Sherlyn to kill Mahesh. She pledges to fail their plans. She tells Karan that he can’t marry again, if he dares to do, then he will get arrested. She claims her rights on Karan’s life and family.

She shocks Sherlyn and Mahira the most. Karan didn’t expect Preeta to take such a step. He is happy, but also confused about her intentions. Preeta tells that she will be entering Karan’s life and not accept any nonsense from his family. She fails Mahira’s plans and breaks her dreams. She decides to throw out the evil from Karan’s life.

She is thankful that she got such a great idea on time to save Mahesh’s life. Karan and Rishabh are also shocked by Preeta’s unthinkable forward. Preeta wants to teach a lesson to Sherlyn and Mahira. How will she prove their evil to Luthras? Preeta decides to expose their ugly truth. She wants to throw out Mahira from Karan’s life for once and all. Sherlyn succeeds to save Prithvi from the police, but fails to help Mahira in the marriage function. Sherlyn and Mahira lose to Preeta’s master stroke.

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