Shakti Tonight Preview Upcoming twists 10th August

Shakti Tonight Preview Upcoming twists 10th August

Shakti Tonight Preview Upcoming twists 10th August Gurvinder arrives at Singh house to talk to Preeto about Heer and Virat. Preeto senses that she has come just to talk about them. She asks her to talk of anything, but not them. Gurvinder tells that Virat is still in love with Heer. She requests Preeto to think again. Preeto tells that she can’t help in this regard. Soham asks Gurvinder to get lost. He recalls the humiliation he faced at Virat’s house.

He tells her that she should leave when she couldn’t stop her family. He asks her not to explain him. He tells that Heer will be marrying someone else, not Virat. Heer reaches there to support Gurvinder. She doesn’t want Soham to get rude towards Gurvinder. She tells Gurvinder that her relation will always be the same. She tells that they will be friends, but can’t have any other relation. Gurvinder tells Heer that she will always hope that Heer marries Virat.


Heer gets emotional. Gurvinder goes home and meets Virat. She tells him that she had gone to Heer’s house to talk about his alliance. She asks him to take a step and convince Heer. Virat tells her that he can’t marry Heer even in his dreams. Jharna hurts Gurvinder and warns her against bringing Heer back in Virat’s life. Virat and Heer meet again during the NGO work at their college. Virat knows that he can never marry Heer, a kinner.

He stays away from her. They have a moment when the college mates bring them together. Shanno is sure that Soham will find the truth himself. She wants Soham to know about Heer’s kinner identity too. Soham tries to find about Maninder. Shanno waits for the major drama in Heer’s life. She thinks once Soham knows the truth, he won’t be able to handle it and keep it to himself. Virat and Heer’s fight goes on. She blames him. The friends ask him not to fight for a burger. Jharna arrives there to support Virat. She wants to keep Heer away from him.

She tells them that she has also joined the group. Virat insults Heer for not having a good fate. Heer feels bad for herself. She tells him that she is not the one to cry, she will make her own fate. She ends up hurting herself, but Virat doesn’t care for her. A friend gets angry on Virat for creating the problems in their group. Virat and the guy get into a fight. Heer tries to stop the fight. Jharna taunts the guy for impressing Heer. She asks him to propose Heer directly if he feels so much for her.

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