YRHPK Varun threatens Abir Mishti 10th August

YRHPK Varun threatens Abir Mishti 10th August

YRHPK Varun threatens Abir Mishti 10th August Abir catches Varun and gets to learn his truth. He realizes that Varun has been entering their lives just to take revenge on Mishti. Mishti worries for Abir. When she gets hurt, she senses a bad omen. She panics, but Kunal comes to calm her down. Kunal realizes that there is some big problem unknown to him. He wants to ask Abir about it. Abir asks Varun if he did everything intentionally to trouble Mishti.

He tells that Mishti isn’t well, she is in trauma and Varun is exploiting her. Varun scolds him for defending his wife, who has murdered Karan. Varun accuses Mishti for intentionally killing Karan and hiding the truth. He tells that he was very sure that Karan was murdered, when he wasn’t able to find any clue, he was losing hope, but Ketki came in his life and then he found the truth of Mishti’s involvement in the murder. He tells that Mishti is a murderer, she needs to get punished for the crime.

Abir tells him that Karan tried to molest Mishti, he was drunk and hurt Mishti a lot. Varun doesn’t want them to blame Karan. He doesn’t believe Abir. He tells that Karan can’t be blamed, he is a victim. Abir tells that Mishti wasn’t wrong, he is guilty that he didn’t reach his wife on time. He tells how much Mishti is suffering post that incident. He adds that Mishti wanted to meet his family and apologize for the loss, but seeing Ketki and his relation, they decided to keep quiet. Abir tells that he didn’t intend to bring out Karan’s ugly face.

Varun doesn’t believe the truth. He thinks Abir is saying nonsense to save Mishti from the punishment. Abir tells him that Mishti always cares for others. Varun threatens to ruin Mishti and family by breaking them apart by the truth. Abir reminds that Varun is going to marry Ketki and going to become a father soon. Varun admits that he loves Ketki, but he can’t marry her, until Mishti confesses her crime. He asks Abir to choose between Ketki and Mishti.

He gives time to Mishti to confess the truth. Abir gets into a big dilemma. He knows that everyone will misunderstand Mishti and question her, like Varun didn’t believe the truth. He promises to protect Mishti from the society. He wishes to get help so that he protects Ketki and Mishti’s happiness. Kunal and Kuhu have a moment, until Abir comes home.

Kunal tries to know about Abir’s problem. Abir lies to him. He doesn’t want to trouble Kunal. Kunal asks him to get at ease and confide with him if he wants any help. Abir tells that he will come to him if needed. Abir lies to Mishti as well. He doesn’t want Mishti to get unwell due to stress. Abir and Mishti have a sweet moment. Abir is stressed about Varun’s threatening.

He doesn’t want any obstacles in the functions. The family carries out Ketki’s Mehendi rituals. They get worried when Varun and his family don’t come. Varun doesn’t answer the calls. Abir thinks to take Kunal’s help and get Varun home. He distracts the family and challenges the girls for a dance. He wants Mishti to enjoy the function. The family gets into dance mode. After the performance, Maheshwaris join Rajvansh family. Varun also makes a surprising entry. He threatens Abir about Mishti’s confession. Mishti learns the pressure on Abir through Varun’s blackmailing. She gets helpless to confess her crime so that Varun doesn’t back out from the marriage. Who has intentionally killed Varun? Keep reading.

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