Rishtey Pyar Stunning twists Varun exposed 12th August

Rishtey Pyar Stunning twists Varun exposed 12th August

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Rishtey Pyar Stunning twists Varun exposed 12th August Meenakshi feels sorry that Abir didn’t get the support of his family. She regrets to insult Mishti and him. She couldn’t know they are in sorrow. She feels much guilty when Kunal tells her that she has failed as a mother. Kunal tells that he could sense Abir and Mishti’s worry on the same day when he came home, but Meenakshi couldn’t know the matter, being with Abir and Mishti since many days. He questions her why she didn’t find out about Abir’s problem.

Meenakshi feels hurt when Kunal calls her a failed mother. She goes to speak to Mishti. Kunal fears that she will vent anger on Mishti. He goes to alert Abir. Vishwamber regrets that he didn’t know the truth, he couldn’t support Mishti and Abir in their struggle. He tells Abir that even though he supports Mishti, his family won’t understand her. He expresses his wish to take Mishti home. Abir promises to take care of Mishti and Ketki.

He knows that Vishwamber is scared of Meenakshi’s anger towards Mishti. Vishwamber feels Mishti can’t bear any taunts from Meenakshi and Kuhu. Abir assures that he will protect Mishti. Kunal asks Abir to reach Mishti, since Meenakshi has gone there in anger. Abir runs to his room. He finds Meenakshi in a mother’s role for Mishti. Meenakshi supports Mishti. She tells that Mishti didn’t do anything wrong, a woman has to turn into a Goddess to kill a devil and stop his evil. She feels Mishti has done a right thing and made them proud.

She promises to protect Mishti. Mishti feels that nothing can change now, she has to get jailed for sure. Meenakshi gives her word that it won’t happen as long as she is alive. She tells that she will never let Mishti go to jail. She feels that she couldn’t be a good mum, but she wants to be a good woman. She tells that she will get justice for Mishti. She speaks her heart out and makes everyone emotional. Vishwamber tells that he wants to Mishti along. Meenakshi asks him to give her just one chance to protect Mishti and support her in the case.

Parul supports Meenakshi, who is very helpful and true-hearted. She sings praises and asks Vishwamber to trust Meenakshi. Meenakshi tells that she will keep Mishti with her and be a good mother-in-law now. Vishwamber agrees to give her a chance. Abir feels everything is sorted now, since his mum is with her. They show the family unity. Kuhu gets sense after Kunal scolds her. She apologizes to Mishti for not supporting her in the traumatic phase.

She hates herself for not understanding Mishti’s pain. Mishti forgives her. She is glad that Meenakshi and Kuhu are supporting her. Meanwhile, Nirmala discloses her plan to her husband, who didn’t know the truth before. She asks Varun to work out their next plan and pressurize Ketki. She is sure that Rajvansh family will surely support Ketki than Mishti. Varun shows his interest in getting the business and property to his name. He then conceals his excitement towards the goal completion.

He tells Nirmala that he wants to case to end soon so that he can run the business like before. Varun meets Ketki and reminds her that she is pregnant, and their marriage is necessary. He asks her to take a stand for him and seek justice for Karan. Ketki finds it hard. Kuhu and Mishti overhear their conversation. They wonder if Varun is threatening Ketki. Meenakshi and Kunal start finding sources to get help for Abir.

Abir feels sorry to not share anything with her. Meenakshi tells that she will protect Mishti. She reveals that she had sensed his worry and got Laxman to work. She shows her findings about Karan’s death. She tells that Karan died after getting hit multiple times on his head. Abir tells that Mishti has hit Karan once, that was to defend her dignity. Kunal asks Abir to confirm it with Mishti. He calls Mishti to answer them. He asks Kuhu not to trouble Mishti. They question Mishti about the night’s incident. Abir shares the reports with Mishti. Mishti tells him that she has hit Kunal only once and she remembers it well.

She tells that she didn’t hit many times. Abir testifies that its true, since he found Mishti unconscious. Abir, Kunal and Meenakshi realize that Mishti can’t kill Karan in the feeble state. Kuhu also agrees with them. Abir thinks Karan was really murdered. He wants to find out the murderer. Mishti tells Abir that she had seen a shadow at the time when Karan attacked her. Mishti and Abir find out Varun’s truth. She tells Abir that Varun was around when Karan attacked her. Varun turns out to be Karan’s murderer. Varun holds a motive, that’s to snatch the property and business. He has killed Karan for the sake of property and trapped Mishti in the murder blame. Will Abir and Mishti prove Varun’s crime in front of Nirmala? Keep reading.

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