Anupama Latest Update Samar Nandini meet 13th Aug

Anupama Latest Update Samar Nandini meet 13th Aug

Anupama Latest Update Samar Nandini meet 13th Aug Anupama has blind faith on Vanraj. Devika tries to explain Anupama that Vanraj is really cheating on her. Anupama asks her not to accuse Vanraj. She doesn’t want to believe a word against her husband, who is her pride. She knows that he will never give her rights to any other woman. She tells that she knows Vanraj since 25 years, their marriage is strong, she knows he loves her a lot. Devika asks her to slap her if she wants.

She tells that she has seen the world, she knows how people cheat their wives. She tells it by her personal experience. She wants Anupama to realize the truth until she has time in her favor. Anupama tells that she is educated, but she will not believe Vanraj cheating. Anupama justifies her trust. She thinks Devika is suspecting Vanraj since she thinks all men are same. She tells that not everyone is same. She praises Kavya, who is a family friend.

She tells that Kavya has been doing a lot for the family, she isn’t bad hearted. She shows total faith on Vanraj. Devika tells that she wishes Anupama’s faith doesn’t shatter. She wants Anupama to win in her belief. Anupama gets upset when Baa refuses to invite her family in the Janmashtami celebrations. Baa insults her family’s status. Baa invites Kavya for the festive. Kavya and Vanraj spend time in the office. They have a romantic moment.

Anupama isn’t aware of their relation. Anupama prepares for the festive. Samar pulls her leg. She asks him to prepare a good dance number to surprise Vanraj. She tells that Vanraj should believe in his talents. Samar agrees to her idea. Kavya asks Vanraj to find a house for her niece, who lives alone and independent. Vanraj doesn’t want Kavya to get her niece in her house, else he can’t meet Kavya anytime. He arranges a house for Kavya’s niece, Nandini. He gets jealous on seeing Kavya and Anirudh together.

Meanwhile, Kinjal meets Paritosh and family. Kinjal helps Anupama in the preparations. Paritosh wants to spend time with Kinjal. Samar hinders his romance plans. Paritosh tells that he will also trouble Samar when he gets a girlfriend. Samar is sure to get a girlfriend soon. Samar tries to find Nandini. He gets day dreaming about her. He wishes to meet her. His wish turns true when he comes across Nandini in his lane.

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