Rishtey Pyar Twists Abir master plan begins 13th August

Rishtey Pyar Twists Abir master plan begins 13th August

Rishtey Pyar Twists Abir master plan begins 13th August Abir, Mishti, Meenakshi, Kunal and Kuhu try to find out about Karan’s case by checking his post-mortem reports. They realize that Mishti didn’t hit Karan multiple times, but he died after being attacked severely by the rock. They think someone else was there at the place when Karan attacked Mishti. They want to know who was there, who had seen Mishti and informed Varun. They think that there is something hidden from them.

Abir connects the dots and tells them that Varun couldn’t be sure of Mishti hitting Karan, if he wasn’t there that night. He tells that Varun told that he got to know about Mishti through Ketki’s entry in his life. He wonders how Varun learnt about Mishti’s guilt when the police didn’t investigate much. He tells that Varun is surely involved in some way. The family finds Ketki upset and ask the reason. Kuhu and Mishti tell them that Varun met Ketki and asked her to remember her pregnancy. They ask Ketki what did Varun mean to say, what is he planning.

Nidhi wants Ketki to take rest in her pregnant state. Ketki reveals a shocking thing. She tells that she lied about her pregnancy on Varun’s word. She tells that the families had issues, Varun asked her to lie about the pregnancy so that families get compelled to get them married. Abir and Mishti realize that Varun made Ketki lie so that they get under pressure. Meenakshi feels Karan and Varun aren’t the right kind of people. She wants to give a good answer to Nirmala. Kaushal tells that Nirmala wants to know their decision about Mishti.

Meenakshi tells that they will call Nirmala home and fail her by their family unity. She makes a plan to fake hatred towards Mishti so that she can trick Nirmala. She tells Mishti that the family is with her in the battle. Mishti wants to be with them. Meenakshi protects her. She sends her away. Abir asks Mishti to just stay relaxed, the family is with them. He is sure that Meenakshi will handle the matter well. He asks her to recollect the night’s series of events and think if anyone else was present.

Mishti recalls the night. She tells Abir that there was a third person there, whose shadow she had seen and also heard the footsteps. Abir asks her who was that person. Mishti tells that she fell unconscious and didn’t know anything. Meenakshi fools Nirmala and expresses her dislike towards Mishti. She tells that she wants to save the prestige of both the families. Nirmala gets adamant that Mishti has to confess her crime to the police and accept the punishment. Nirmala doesn’t want to accept Ketki until Mishti gets jailed. Meenakshi tells Nirmala that she will call Mishti. Abir and Mishti get to hear Varun’s ringtone.

Mishti recalls that she heard the same ringtone when Karan attacked her. She tells that maybe Varun was present there. Abir sees a different angle in the story. He thinks if Varun was present, then why didn’t he save Karan’s life, why did he leave Karan to die. He suspects Varun. Varun awaits to get the property once Mishti confesses the crime. Abir and Mishti keep a condition to Varun. Mishti agrees to accept the punishment only if Varun marries Ketki and secures her future. Varun doesn’t want to marry Ketki. Mishti tells Varun that she won’t confess until he proves his love for Ketki. Varun gets in a fix. Abir and Mishti plan to expose Varun’s crime and get him punished.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Rishtey Pyar Twists Abir master plan begins 13th August: 3/5
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