Shakti Heer pledges to prove love 14th August 2020

Shakti Heer pledges to prove love 14th August 2020

Shakti Heer pledges to prove love 14th August 2020 Jharna proposes Virat for marriage. He accepts her proposal which brings a new wave of happiness in his family. Heer insults Virat and proves that she isn’t affected by his decision. After their bitter argument, he prefers to totally forget her, but fails to succeed. Virat’s family is happy for him that he has finally decided to get engaged to Jharna. They wish Virat and Jharna a good life. Parmeet doesn’t want Virat to get against Sant and her.

She tells that Gurvinder is the person who wanted Virat to settle down. Jharna adds that Gurvinder asked her to propose Virat. Virat doesn’t react knowing Gurvinder planned everything for him. On the other hand, Soham’s findings about Harak continue. He wants to know what kind of person is Harak Singh. Rohan takes the help of the lawyer and takes his place. He meets Soham in disguise and misleads him, presenting only the good things about Harak so that Soham cleans his heart and returns home as Harak’s grandson.

Rohan sings Harak’s praises that he is too kind, selfless and protective about family. Soham realizes that Harak is not so bad. He meets the police inspector who also sings great praise of Harak’s reputation in the village. Soham feels sorry to misjudge Harak and Preeto for their decision on Heer’s future. He thinks they are good people who want Heer’s betterment. He decides to return home and apologize to them. Preeto awaits her house Kanha Soham on Janmashtami. She is sure that Rohan will bring his brother home.

She realizes Shanno has been plotting to break the family. She slaps Shanno and teaches her a lesson. She also shows the CCTV cameras installed at home to prevent the evil Shanno from plotting anything such again. Shanno wants Soham to take revenge on them. Preeto tells that Soham will come with a clean heart and love them like before. Shanno doesn’t think so. Soham returns home and falls in Harak’s feet. He apologizes for his misbehavior. Harak and Preeto forgive him. Shanno’s plan fails, but she doesn’t give up. She still wants to ruin the family. Soham, Rohan and Heer have a happy moment of union. Harak and Preeto can’t be happy that this.

The family prepares for Janmashtami. Heer wants to make her life better. Jharna wants Virat to attend the puja at his home. Parmeet makes Gurvinder handle the work. She is pleased with Jharna. Jharna asks Virat to sit with her in the puja. They head to Heer’s house to meet her and hurt her further. Heer gets an upsetting surprise from them. She swears to prove her love for Virat, which doesn’t mean anything to them now.

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