Anupama Special Promo Spoiler Paritosh leaves the house

Anupama Special Promo Spoiler Paritosh leaves the house

Anupama Special Promo Spoiler Paritosh leaves the house Anupama gets accused by the family for ruining Paritosh’s alliance with Kinjal. She is blamed due to her illiteracy. She has not completed her schooling. She doesn’t know to speak in English. She gets insulted by Kinjal’s mother Rakhi, who thinks Anupama isn’t fit to become Kinjal’s mum-in-law. She doesn’t want to get her daughter married in a middle-class family.

Rakhi was earlier assuming Paritosh’s family to be educated and sophisticated. She didn’t know that Anupama is a housewife, uneducated and having no identity of her own. He barges into the house for taking Kinjal along. She can’t believe that Anupama has dressed up Kinjal like her. She tells that she will not let them spoil Kinjal’s future. She calls off the alliance between Paritosh and Kinjal.

She doesn’t want Kinjal to meet Paritosh or his family again. Anupama tries hard to explain Rakhi, but in vain. Rakhi doesn’t listen to anyone and creates a big drama, that ruins Anupama’s happiness. Paritosh breaks down after losing Kinjal. Paritosh blames his mum for being shame for him and becoming a reason for his break up.

He tells her that he will not stay in the house when he can’t get his love. Vanraj blames Anupama for breaking the family. Paritosh tells that Kinjal was his life, now his life is useless without her. Anupama wants to stop Paritosh from leaving. Vanraj stops her and threatens to oust her from the house if she steps out to do a mother’s duty towards Paritosh. Anupama stays inside the house and watches Paritosh leaving. She breaks down because of Vanraj. Vanraj gets stern in his decision. He gets a chance to break his relation with Anupama. How will Anupama save her family from shattering? Keep reading. Watch the latest promo below.


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