Barrister Babu Update Colors Bondita shameful speech

Barrister Babu Update Colors Bondita shameful speech

Barrister Babu Update Colors Bondita shocking shameful speech Saudamini stops Anirudh from hearing the speech from Bondita. She wants Bondita to make a fool of herself by giving the shameful speech. She doesn’t let Bondita rehearse in front of Anirudh. She gets his attention by slipping in front of him. Anirudh rushes to shoulder her, and misses out Bondita’s speech. He tells Bondita that he has heard the beginning of the speech, which is quite amazing, she should render the whole speech with same confidence.

Bondita wants to please him and make him proud. He asks Saudamini to be careful and not get herself hurt. Saudamini is planning to hurt him, his dreams and aspirations by ruining the speech. She gets selfish and wants to throw out Bondita from his life. Anirudh asks Bondita to begin the speech once the villagers gather. He tells the villagers that Bondita is also a commoner like them and knows their little issues, since she is also rooted to their soil.

He wants them to listen to her speech and decide about the public toilets. Bondita starts the speech on a good note and leaves Anirudh impressed. He can’t stop praising her for memorizing the speech so well. Saudamini gets upset when he praises Bondita. She wants him to wait for the moment when his adorable wife gets disgrace for him. It so happens that Bondita fails to remember some words. She recollects the speech taught by Somnath.

She shocks Anirudh by giving the wrong speech filled with disrespectful words. Anirudh can’t believe his ears and wants to stop her. He hopes that she corrects herself. Bondita continues to make big blunders, making the people laugh at her. She also gets Anirudh insulted. Anirudh asks her the reason for the wrong speech. He thinks she read it wrong or forgot the words. He quickly writes an apology and asks her to read it to the people to cover up for the mistake. Bondita fails to read the apology.

The people who earlier liked Bondita begin to accuse her and make fun of her. Anirudh asks them to give a last chance to her and hear her apology. He asks her to quickly read what’s written. She fails again and again. He asks her why is she just being silent. She breaks the shocking truth that she isn’t educated. He can’t tolerate illiteracy. Saudamini knows this fact well and thinks now Anirudh will end his marriage with Bondita.

She enjoys the sight of Anirudh’s humiliation. Anirudh asks Bondita what is she saying. She tells him that she can’t read anything. Anirudh apologizes to the people, who advise him to educate his wife before changing the society. They get a chance to mock him. Bondita leaves Anirudh upset. His pride shatters. He is left in a rage. After the people leave, Anirudh confronts Bondita for her lie. He tells that she earlier told about her letter, which means she is educated.

She clears his misunderstanding that she got the letter written by someone else, she isn’t educated to read or write anything. He is much disappointed. He asks her why didn’t she come with the truth when he handed over the speech to her. He tells that she had a chance to tell him that she can’t read it and take his help. She tells that she wanted to please him, since he ended her bedwetting problem. She wanted to do good, but ended up upsetting him. She apologizes to him and breaks down into tears. Saudamini celebrates her victory by getting Bondita and Anirudh ashamed.

She reveals that Somnath worked hard to make her memorize the speech. Anirudh learns that Somnath is involved. He questions Somnath if he is behind the wrong speech. Somnath admits that he has taught the speech to her. Anirudh loses his cool completely. Will Somnath confess his mistake? What will Anirudh do now? Will he begin his new mission of educating Bondita? Keep reading.

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