Choti Sardarni Sarabjeet Meher to face Manav 20th Aug

Choti Sardarni Sarabjeet Meher to face Manav 20th Aug

Choti Sardarni Sarabjeet Meher to face Manav 20th August 2020 Vikram gets Bittu and Rana’s picture from the CCTV footage. He asks Aditi if she knows them. She tells that they are Meher’s brothers. He tells that he knew it already, he is waiting for the right time to meet Sarabjeet and Meher. She tells him that she has already prepared for the plan. She reaches Sarabjeet’s house. Sarabjeet tells Meher that Vikram will finish his investigation and shut the case in few days. Aditi meets them and tells that she has come to check Karan.

Sarabjeet and Meher thank her for doing so much for her. Sarabjeet tells that she is like his sister, Param’s Bua. Aditi tells them that they have made her part of family, so she also wants them to meet her life partner. She tells them that she is dating Vikram Diwan. Sarabjeet gets a shock to know it. Aditi tells that she wants them to meet Vikram. Sarabjeet didn’t had any good meeting with Vikram. Aditi tells that Vikram is her fiance.

Harleen gets upset on knowing this. Aditi asks the reason for Harleen’s anger. She tells that she has also seen the news of the scam, but she can’t help it. She feels guilty that Vikram had troubled Sarabjeet with the enquiry. Sarabjeet tells her that he has no problem with Vikram, who is just doing his duty. He wants to give respect to Vikram as Aditi’s fiance. Aditi invites them for dinner so that they can meet Vikram. Sarabjeet and Meher accept the invite when Aditi gets sad that she has no family of her own. Aditi takes Param with her.


She gives him a nebulizer to execute her plan. She fails in her attempt when Meher comes there at the same time. Param tells Meher that she was going to give her something. Aditi gifts her block games. Aditi keeps her image good. She asks Param not to tell Meher about the inhaler. She asks Param to take the inhaler and keep it a secret. Sarabjeet speaks to Harleen. He feels that Aditi and Vikram’s relation is a coincidence.

She tells that Aditi knew the scam news and hid the truth from them. She feels Aditi had hidden it intentionally, maybe she has something on her mind. Sarabjeet tells her that they have regarded Aditi as their sister, when she has invited them for dinner, they should go. Harleen fails to explain him. He doesn’t doubt Aditi. Param shows the inhaler to Karan. He tells that he will share everything with him. He asks Karan to take the inhaler as well. Meher picks the toys and puts the inhaler in the blocks. Sarabjeet and Meher decide their clothes for the dinner party. She feels he has made a special place in her heart.

On the contrary, Kulwant and Bittu make Rana fine. They ask Rana about Vikram. Rana confirms that Vikram is Manav. Kulwant tells that she isn’t mad to tell the same. They get evidence of Vikram’s family in the form of Vikram’s ID card. Bittu thinks if Vikram is really Manav. Kulwant tells that fake ID can be made easily, she knows Manav’s truth in his eyes. She wants to meet Vikram’s family and know the truth. She decides to go Delhi and find Vikram’s reality.

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