YRKKH Spoiler 20th August Goenkas meet Kaira aka Chori

YRKKH Spoiler 20th August Goenkas meet Kaira aka Chori

YRKKH Spoiler 20th August Goenkas meet Kaira aka Chori The girl Chori meets Goenkas. She likes the lavish house. She sits on the soft sofa and jumps on it. She tells that their house is really nice. Dadi asks her to stop it and tell her how does she know Naira. Chori tells them that she knows Naira since the day they met at the traffic signal.

She tells that Naira is her friend, she bought four hair clips from her and taught her to work hard, than lying to sell the hair clips. She wants to tell Naira about the wallet. Naira asks her to keep quiet, she knows about the wallet. Chori tells that she wants to tell them that she knows them. She falls down. Kartik and Naira hold her. Chori screams in pain. She tells that she got hurt.

Dadi asks how did she get hurt when Kartik and Naira held her before she hit the ground. Dadi asks Naira to give some food and medicines to the girl and send her away. Naira takes care of the girl. The girl likes the juice. She doesn’t want the medicine. Naira knows that Chori is doing a drama. She asks her to have food and then leave from the house. She doesn’t know anyone to know that accident happened because of her. Chori asks will everyone scold her. Naira tells that she doesn’t want to tell anyone.

Chori tells that she will tell them. Naira tells that she won’t give her food if she does it. Chori tells that they are just the same, she threatened the hospital staff the same way. Naira tells that they aren’t the same. She calls her a liar. Chori tells that even Naira lied to the family. Naira tells that she didn’t lie, but hidden the truth. Chori tells that she did the same.

Naira asks her how did she get into her car, when her parents came to take her. Chori tells that the couple wasn’t her family, they wanted to kidnap her. She reveals that she has no family, she is an orphan. She asks Naira to forget those people. Naira asks her what is she hiding. Chori gets glad to see tasty food. Naira asks her to finish it and leave. She knows that Dadi is irritated by the girl and wants her out. Chori likes Naira and doesn’t want to leave her.

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