Anupama Rakhi impossible condition 20th August Preview

Anupama Rakhi impossible condition 20th August Preview

Anupama Rakhi impossible condition 20th August Preview Paritosh is much upset that his alliance broke due to Anupama. He wants to marry Kinjal since he loves her a lot and can’t imagine his future without her. Samar walks into him and compels him to apologize to Anupama. He tells him that a mother can’t be treated like a door mat, she deserves respect from children. He defends Anupama who has always done good for them and didn’t receive any appreciation and respect in return.

He wants Paritosh to remember that Anupama has given them birth and holds right on their lives. Paritosh threatens to slap him if he defends Anupama further. He accuses Anupama for upsetting Rakhi and making the matter worse. Samar asks him to understand that Anupama wasn’t wrong, it was Vanraj who argued with Rakhi to give an answer for her humiliation step. Paritosh doesn’t think Rakhi did anything wrong by showing a mirror to the family.


Samar asks him how could he forget Anupama’s insult. He feels Paritosh isn’t a good son. He wants Paritosh to apologize to Anupama right away. Paritosh denies again and again, leading them into a fight. Pakhi feels bad seeing her brothers fight and sheds tears. Samar thinks of Anupama, who has broken down after the incident. He rushes to shoulder her. He shares her sorrow like he always does. Anupama blames herself.

She doesn’t know how she went wrong if she had been nice to Rakhi and Kinjal. She wishes Paritosh and Kinjal don’t suffer due to the families clash. Samar consoles her. On the other side, Rakhi makes Kinjal see the reality of Shah family. Kinjal praises Anupama who wants to be her friend than a mother-in-law. Rakhi tells that not everyone in the family is same, Anupama is ill treated by the family, she works round the clock like a full-time maid.

She adds that Paritosh has been seeing his mother working in the kitchen since ever and would expect the same from his wife. She doesn’t want Kinjal to believe Paritosh’s love which will fade away once they get married. She tells that she will not accept the alliance, that can end Kinjal’s career for once and all. Kinjal disagrees with Rakhi’s thinking. Rakhi decides for Kinjal’s future. She asks Kinjal not to entertain Paritosh’s calls.

Kinjal gets much saddened. Anupama tries to keep things normal at home. Vanraj expresses his dislike towards her. He wishes that he never got married to Anupama. Anupama feels worse on hearing his taunt. She wishes that Vanraj and Paritosh’s fight gets forgotten. Vanraj doesn’t find Paritosh at the dining area. He enquires about him from Samar. He later confronts Paritosh for calling Kinjal numerous times by forgetting his parents’ insult by Rakhi. Vanraj vents anger on him. Paritosh feels frustrated with the family. He is ready to leave them if needed.

Vanraj goes to his office, but stays disturbed thinking of the incident. He meets Kavya who seeks an answer for his odd and unexpected ignorance. She wants Vanraj to clear out if he loves Anupama. She has never seen him defend Anupama before. She suspects that he wants to get back to Anupama. Vanraj apologizes to her. He tells her that he just wants to love her, and not let their spouses create any issue between them. Kavya wants to be with Vanraj. She promises to keep Anirudh away. He tells that Anupama doesn’t matter to him, she is just a helper at home.

Vanraj just wanted to make Kavya jealous, not lose her forever. He can’t live without Kavya. He realizes that Rakhi told the right thing about uneducated Anupama. He tells Kavya that he will never accept Kinjal for Paritosh, her family doesn’t deserve their tie-up now. He is much angered at Rakhi. He tells Kavya that his decision is final, Paritosh has to forget Kinjal. Anupama finds Paritosh crying. She gets blamed by Baa. She doesn’t want the family to shatter.

She tells Baa that she will not stop herself from a mother’s duty. She goes to meet Rakhi to apologize and fix Paritosh’s alliance with Kinjal. Rakhi takes an advantage seeing her helpless and insults her. She keeps a shocking condition, which looks impossible to fulfill. Anupama gets speechless. Kinjal is shocked as well and calls Paritosh to inform about Rakhi and Anupama’s conversation. She reveals her mum’s condition, which shocks him to the extent that he collapses down. What will Anupama do now? Keep reading.

Anupama Rakhi impossible condition 20th August Preview

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