Ishq Mein Marjawan Update Kabir Vansh unexpected meet

Ishq Mein Marjawan Update Kabir Vansh unexpected meet

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Ishq Mein Marjawan Update Kabir Vansh unexpected meet 22nd August 2020 Vansh has made his servant Mrs. D’Souza pretend upset with his behavior, so that Riddhima feels sympathy for the servant and trusts her. He is sure that Riddhima will get emotional and trust Mrs. D’Souza.

He just wants to know Riddhima’s motives behind the marriage. He asks Mrs. D’Souza to get all the secrets shared by Riddhima to him so that he can plan in advance. He reveals his plan to fake scold Mrs. D’Souza and fire her from the job to show Riddhima. Riddhima really fell in his plan and shares the information with the servant. She tells Mrs. D’Souza that she is trying to find about Ragini.

This news reaches Vansh, who thinks Riddhima is being desperate to know his past for a motive. He wants to know why does she want to dig out his past, if its a wife’s insecurity or her unknown motive. He asks Mrs. D’Souza to be close to Riddhima and win her trust further so that they get to know Riddhima’s next plans. Riddhima wants to ruin Vansh’s kingdom.

She regards him a devil. Vansh doesn’t doubt her without any proof. He waits for the day when he gets definite proof against Riddhima. Riddhima thinks to contact Ragini’s dad and get the information file.

She overhears Vansh and Angre’s conversation. She thinks Vansh really wants to kill Ragini’s dad. She gets terrified. She rushes to alert Ragini’s dad. She learns that Vansh has disabled all the landline connections. She seeks help from Mrs. D’Souza again.

She tells that she needs to save a life, Vansh is going to kill Ragini’s dad. She promises to not let Vansh know about it. Riddhima manages to get her phone and calls Ragini’s dad to alert him. She watches him dying, being connected on the video call. She shatters to see him pay a price for her mistake. She loses confidence that she can overcome Vansh’s terror. She contacts Kabir to reveal Vansh’s new crime of getting Ragini’s dad murdered. Kabir consoles her.

She feels heartbroken that she has married a criminal, a cold-blooded murderer. He tells her that her marriage is namesake, done just for their mission. He asks her to focus on getting evidence against Vansh so that they can get him punished. Kabir encourages her to be strong and not give up so soon. Riddhima wants to get justice for Ragini and her dad. She tells Kabir that she will make sure that Vansh reaches behind the bars.

He asks her to keep an eye on Vansh when he returns home and try to get the evidence about the murder. Riddhima meets Vansh who behaves very calm and normal. She feels he is heartless to be so calm after killing an innocent man. Vansh insists her to dine with him. She hates him after recalling the murder he committed. She ends up falling down and hurting herself. Vansh takes care of her. They get into a verbal fight. She tells him that everybody isn’t perfect.

He reminds that she is making a mistake and its better that she corrects herself. She wants to see his bad time. He tells that he controls the time to get everything in his favor. He tells her that he also knows to relieve pain of some people by his special magic. She tells him that she will expose his real talent to the world soon. Vansh gets an unexpected visitor home. He gets a shock on seeing Kabir. Kabir arrives with a motive on his mind. What is Kabir planning now? Will Kabir risk everything for his mission? Keep reading.

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  1. Sofia Avatar

    Kabir is a coward. Using riddhima for his mission. Useless man.

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