Kumkum Bhagya Update Promo Pragya Prachi arrest

Kumkum Bhagya 30th October 2020 Written Update Aaliya plots to kill Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya Update Promo Pragya Prachi arrest Prachi breaks Ranbir’s mistake to Sarita and Shanana. She tells them that Ranbir has robbed the office cash to pay his family and save her from the blame. She tells that Ranbir has been arrested by the police. Sarita asks Prachi to realize that Ranbir loves her, he has taken the blame on himself and also risked everything by going to the jail.

She tells that she hasn’t seen such a simple, honest and innocent guy like him. She praises Ranbir for always saving Prachi. She tells that he is someone whom Prachi can blindly trust. She makes her realize that Ranbir has done everything for her sake. Ranbir thinks how much wrong he did. He thinks Prachi would be so upset. He wants to talk to her once. He didn’t see her so angry before. Shahana tells Prachi that Ranbir is really foolish.

Prachi understands that he is a gem at heart. She can’t hear a word against him. She tells that she is lucky to get a friend like him, whoever gets his love will be more lucky. Shahana teases her about Ranbir. She asks Prachi what would she do if he proposes her. Prachi doesn’t want to think of it. She thinks he is really good.

Ranbir thinks she will never like him from now, since he has broken her trust. He didn’t wish to look stupid to her. He thinks she talks to him being helpless, maybe she hates him. She plans to meet Kohlis and tell them that he has stolen the money for her reputation. She starts falling for him. Kohlis stay worried for Ranbir. Meera tells that everything would be fine. Rhea meets them and tells the reason for the robbery. She tells that she recorded Prachi and Ranbir’s conversation in the police station. She tells that Ranbir’s statement can save him from the police.

She shows the modified video to Kohlis. Rhea tells them that Prachi has a motive to get money from them. Prachi comes there to see what’s happening. Prachi gets to see Kohlis, who doubt her once again. Rhea brainwashes Pallavi and Meera against Prachi. Pallavi feels Prachi is unlucky for them. She is angry that Prachi made Ranbir do a wrong thing. She wants Ranbir to stay away from Prachi. Prachi apologizes to them, but in vain.

Aaliya brings Varsha home and makes her do the fake drama of a broken leg. She lies to the family about Varsha’s state. She tells them that Rhea insisted her to find Varsha and get the complaint back so that they can free Ranbir. The family rushes to save Ranbir. Ranbir thinks Prachi has freed him. He meets the family. He learns about Rhea and Aaliya getting help for him. He asks about Prachi. Pallavi didn’t get Prachi along, thinking she is a bad omen. She asks him to thank Rhea and Aaliya, who found out Varsha.

Aaliya gives the credit to Rhea. Rhea tells him that she has done everything for him. He wants to know why didn’t Prachi come, if she is still angry. Pragya enquires about Prachi. Prachi returns home. She wants to reveal about the drama at Kohli house. Pragya gets a call and is quite shocked. She tells Sarita that police has called them to the police station. Prachi worriedly tells everything to Pragya. They reach the police station.

Ranbir returns home. He tells Aryan that it was his mistake to be silly and take random decision. He wants to find the real cash and prove Prachi innocent. Inspector wants to interrogate Pragya and Prachi. He tells that Aaliya has a doubt on them for the robbery. Pragya denies the blame. Inspector arrests Pragya and Prachi to take the investigation ahead. Pragya and Prachi aren’t scared of the arrest, since they are innocent.

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