Kumkum Bhagya Maya chapter begins again 3rd Sept

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Zee Upcoming Trailer Updates Kumkum Kundali Promos Mahira questions Ramona about not identifying Preeta in the mandap. She asks how can’t she know the difference being her mother. Ramona tells that she insisted to see the bride’s face, but Sherlyn stopped her. She tells that she would have known the truth. Mahira gets angry on Sherlyn. Preeta and Mahira challenge each other. Preeta married Karan again. Mahira is much worried to lose Karan. She challenges Preeta that Karan will never accept her.

She tells Preeta that though she married Karan, but she won’t get his wife’s right. She challenges to win Karan’s love and celebrate their wedding night. She falls low further. She tells Preeta that she will not let her get away. Preeta tells that she will fail Mahira’s plan, she will not let Mahira hurt Luthras. She asks Mahira not to dare cheat Karan. Mahira is ready to do anything to separate Karan and Preeta. Karan denies to be called Preeta’s husband.

He vents his anger and sheds tears. Mahira and Preeta don’t want to lose so easily. Preeta gears up to give a solid reply to Mahira. Preeta wants to claim her rights on Karan and Luthra family. She gets worried when Rakhi doesn’t support her. Rishabh is the only person supporting Preeta. Preeta returns to Luthra family to protect Mahesh from Sherlyn and Mahira. A battle begins between Preeta and the evil duo.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Aaliya sees Prachi’s picture and expresses her hatred. She can’t stand Prachi and Pragya. She didn’t know that Prachi is Abhi and Pragya’s daughter. She doesn’t want Prachi to snatch Ranbir from Rhea. She wants Pragya to take Prachi away from their lives. She decides to make Prachi’s life a living hell. Pragya asks Prachi to resign from the job. She wants Prachi to keep her self esteem than the job. Prachi gets doubtful.

Aaliya wants to ruin Prachi and Ranbir’s love story. Ranbir works hard and catches the real robber, Sanju’s aide. He threatens him and asks him to name the person who hired him. The thief seems to have named Aaliya. Abhi gets in a shock to know his sister’s deeds. Will the truth shatter relations or will Aaliya’s conspiracy get exposed? Keep reading.







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