Barrister Babu Before TV Conspiracy against Bondita

Barrister Babu Before TV Conspiracy against Bondita

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Barrister Babu Before TV Conspiracy against Bondita 26th August 2020 Update Upcoming on Colors TV Anirudh declares his love for Saudamini, since he can never forget or leave her. He then names his love as a friend’s love. He tells that he is much concerned for her, he cares for her since she is his childhood friend. Even though he mentions that he loves her, he tells that she can never get back into his life by having a relationship of love. He holds many memories of Saudamini and his togetherness.

He doesn’t want to subside those lovely memories just because he is married to Bondita. He regards Bondita just as his responsibility. He doesn’t imagine that Saudamini is planning to marry him. Saudamini makes a plan to fake blindness and take Anirudh’s sympathy. She is sure that he will stop her from ending her depressed life and give a name to their relation just to save her. She wants to make him feel like a hero who will rescue her, knowing about her new illness.

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Saudamini manages to get his attention by faking illness. Anirudh stays by her side and looks after her, while Bondita meets her teacher to begin her first phase of education. She gets relieved when the teacher praises her honesty. She thinks it will be fun to study since the teacher isn’t strict. She finds hard to write due to the sprain. Teacher warns her about making many mistakes. He starts losing his cool when she doesn’t follow his instructions. Teacher hits her in anger, making her cry in fear and pain.

Bondita didn’t know that she will be beaten up on the name of education. She doesn’t want to study further. Bondita runs away by leaving her studies. She awaits Anirudh to share her sorrow. Binoy turns out to be villain again. He bribes the teacher to instil fear in Bondita’s mind, so that she never comes front to study. Binoy pays him much cash to drag the dram ahead. He wants Anirudh to fail in his motive to educate Bondita. Saudamini fakes ill health and bounds Anirudh. She talks sugary to impress him.

She sends him to Bondita, who needs him on the first day of her studies. Anirudh loves Saudamini’s golden heart. He returns home, only to find Bondita terrified. Saudamini informs Binoy about the next plan. Binoy finds her really smart to trap Anirudh in a way that Anirudh can never find the web. Binoy asks the teacher to accuse Bondita for torturing him, before Anirudh confronts him. Anirudh finds Bondita shaken up. She tells him about the teacher’s harsh treatment, how he had beaten her when she failed to write.

Anirudh doesn’t want anyone to hurt her. He gears up to confront the teacher. He is shocked to see him tied up. He gets a bigger shock when the teacher accuses Bondita for tying him up. Anirudh takes a stand for his wife. Anirudh doesn’t believe him, but the teacher tries to convince him by the fake stories. Anirudh suspects that Binoy is after the incident. Will he learn the truth and expose the evil person? Will Anirudh stand by Bondita against all odds once again? Keep reading.

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