Shakti Episode Preview 31st August Heer Virat

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Shakti Episode Preview 31st August Heer Virat The family scolds Virat for breaking Jharna’s heart and making her cry. They want him to break all ties with Heer. Virat apologizes to Jharna. He tells that he will get the ring from Heer. He doesn’t want to upset them. Jharna keeps her wish and asks him to fix the marriage date if he wants to see them happy. The family supports her. They tell Virat that its high time, he should listen to her.

Jharna pressurizes Virat to marry her. He finally gives up to her compulsion. He agrees to marry her. His family gets happy with his decision. He goes to meet Heer and get the ring back. Parmeet tells Jharna that Virat has agreed so easily. Sant wants to inform Jharna’s dad about Virat’s consent. Daljeet rushes to call the pandit. The Singh family get Heer home. Heer asks for her favorite ginger tea.

She wants Virat to come and see the drama. Shanno confronts Soham about Heer, his kinner sister. She asks him how easily he forgot his motive to kill Heer. She provokes him. She asks him if he had pity on Heer. Soham tells that he will never accept Heer. She asks the reason for crying for Heer and sparing her life. She tells that he doesn’t care for Heer’s kinner identity and that’s the truth.

Soham tells that he won’t keep any relation with Heer, who is actually dead for him. He swears to kill her next time when he gets a chance. She asks why did he step back from killing her. She tells that Soumya has one enemy, Kareena, she is Guru mata of a kinner community. She asks him to meet Kareena, who can help him. Soham goes to meet Kareena. Heer wants Harak to find out the culprit behind her accident. Virat arrives to her house to get the ring.

Rohan stops Virat. Heer tells them that Virat has come to get his engagement ring back, which he dropped in the hospital ICU. She taunts him for coming to ask for the ring, just like she went to his house to beg for love. Harak asks Virat to take his ring and leave. Virat expresses his dislike towards Heer. She thanks him for the favor. He tells that even she did a favor on him, but none of their talks can help her.

He tells that his marriage date is getting fixed, its all over between them. Heer recalls their romantic moments. He cares for her when she falls in shock. He doesn’t want to touch her. He feels disgusted by her touch. He leaves from her house. Soham knows the reason for Virat’s hatred. Shanno tells that Virat’s love has turned into hatred. Soham thinks Virat knows Heer’s truth and maybe he is feeling disgusted. He wants to find out if Virat knows Heer’s kinner identity or not. He goes to stop Virat.

Virat asks him to move on, just like Heer and he moved on. Soham pushes him away in rage. He questions Virat for breaking the marriage with Heer. They have a fight. Virat tells that he has made a promise to someone, he can’t reveal the reason for breaking the marriage. Soham threatens to kill him. Virat asks Soham to ask his family about the truth. Soham gets certain that Virat knew the truth of Heer’s identity. Heer cries that she has lost Virat.

The pandit gives the marriage date. Virat and Jharna’s family get happy. Rohan asks Heer to prepare for the government job exam. Heer tells that she will study and make her career, when Virat makes his family. She wants to get too busy that she doesn’t remember any sorrow in her life. Harak and Preeto encourage her. Virat asks the family to make grand arrangements for his marriage. Jharna and the family get overjoyed seeing his excitement for the marriage.

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