Kumkum Bhagya 2nd September 2020 Preview Update

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd September 2020 Preview Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 2nd September 2020 Preview Update Abhi and Ranbir make a plan to catch Sanju. Ranbir tells that he is sure that Sanju has bailed the thieves, he is the mastermind of the robbery. Abhi tells him that Prachi will be freed once they catch Sanju. They follow Sanju, who doesn’t think he will get caught. Rhea lands at Sanju’s house to give him the cash. Ranbir tells Abhi that Sanju stays at the address they know. Abhi tells that he will call the police.

Sanju doesn’t trust anyone. Abhi and Ranbir hide from him. Sanju doesn’t believe Aaliya. He wants to record when Rhea gives him money. He knows that Aaliya and Rhea can cheat him any time. He plans to defend himself. Abhi asks Ranbir to enter the house by some window, he will keep an eye on Sanju till then. Rhea gets worried when she sees Ranbir entering Sanju’s house. Abhi follows Sanju and keeps a safe distance so that Sanju doesn’t suspect him. Sanju walks to his home. Abhi doesn’t want to miss Sanju.

He thinks its his last chance to nab Sanju and prove Prachi innocent. Sanju gets to see Abhi. Abhi realizes Sanju is playing games with him. Sanju knew that Aaliya will trap him. Sanju wants Rhea to get caught. Rhea gets hiding from Ranbir. Ranbir finds Prachi’s picture and gets angered. Sanju calls Rhea. She disconnects the call. Ranbir hears the phone ringing. He goes to check the place well. Sanju calls Aaliya and records the conversation.

He scolds her for sending her brother to catch him. He tells that she is acting smart. Aaliya doesn’t know what is he saying. He asks her not to act in front of her. He regrets to come in her words. He tells that he loves Prachi, he has framed her because of their plan. He threatens to reveal her truth to Abhi. Aaliya asks him to get out from there before Abhi catches him. Abhi finds Sanju running to his house. Sanju looks for the house keys. He wants Rhea to open the door fast. Ranbir opens the door and welcomes him.

Sanju tries to run. Abhi and Ranbir catch him. Rhea gets tensed. Abhi asks Sanju why is he acting innocent. Sanju denies to know any thief. He tells that he didn’t bail out anyone. Ranbir stops him from escaping. He also sees the cash with Sanju. He beats up Sanju. Abhi also bashes up Sanju to know the truth. He asks Sanju to confess the truth. They scold him for trapping Prachi. They call the police. Sanju agrees to confess the crime. He tells them that he had sent his aides to rob the cash, he was ordered to do this.

Rhea worries that her name will get known to her dad. Sanju asks inspector to arrest him before they kill him. Abhi wants to know the name of the mastermind. Sanju tricks them and runs away. He locks them up in the house and escapes. Ranbir tells Abhi that he felt someone’s presence in the house, he had heard a phone ringing. Abhi doesn’t think there is anyone. He gets Sanju’s phone. Inspector tells that they will check the call recordings.

He tells that the mobile got damaged, they will get the phone repaired and find that woman who hired Sanju. Ranbir and Abhi ask Inspector to free Prachi. Rhea worriedly calls Aaliya to inform the happenings. Aaliya finds Vikram and Pallavi fighting. She supports Pallavi. She tells them that she has filed a FIR for the missing money. She misses Rhea’s call. Vikram doesn’t think Prachi can do it. Pallavi is worried for her son.

She is ready to free Prachi if it gives peace to Ranbir. Vikram tells her that Prachi is not guilty, she didn’t blame them ever, she always helps them. He praises Prachi’s values. Rhea calls Aaliya again and narrates the happenings. Aaliya gets worried. Rhea tells that Sanju’s phone is seized by the police, while Sanju escaped by tricking the police. Rhea fears that Aaliya would get caught. Aaliya tells that it won’t be easy, but she will try to erase the evidences.

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