Rishtey Pyaar Promo Abir denies Meenakshi’s odd demand

Rishte Pyaar Abir faces truth 1st Oct 2020 Review Update

Rishtey Pyaar Promo Abir denies Meenakshi’s odd demand 1st September 2020 Kunal is much upset with Kuhu. She didn’t wish to fight with him. She tells that she has just shared her feelings. He doesn’t want her to fall into Jasmeet’s words and get against Mishti. She tells that she is worried for their future, their baby should be secured as well, Meenakshi can’t give away everything to Abir and Mishti’s baby. Kunal asks him to control her insecurity. He explains her that everyone gets their share of love, respect and rights, there is never any injustice done with anyone.

He relieves Kuhu. He doesn’t want her to spoil their present by worrying for the future. He wants her to become mature and realize her mistake. He tells that she should become like Mishti. He tells that they will get love like Abir and Mishti are receiving, only if they become the best like them. Kuhu apologizes to him. He also makes her smile. They have a love confession moment. They get a shock when they find Mishti and Abir broken.

Mishti reveals that she can never conceive and give a child to Abir. She shares the bad news with Kuhu and Kunal. She feels she is unlucky for everyone. She has lost the biggest happiness of her life. She is shattered. Abir wants to be with her. Mishti wants him to stay away and happy. Mishti doesn’t listen to anyone, who try to give her strength. Mishti locks herself in her room. Parul requests her to talk to them.

She calls Mishti strong to tolerate the truth. She asks Mishti to give them strength, since they aren’t strong like her. Abir breaks the door. He finds Mishti crying. He hugs her and embraces her. Mishti apologizes to him. The family promises to support her. She gets positive. She tries to come out of the sorrowful. She gets a surprise from Kuhu. Kuhu tells that though the news is bad, they should celebrate the positive things in life.

Kuhu tries to lessen her sorrow. Mishti tells that Jasmeet won’t ask Kuhu to plan a baby soon, since she was making them compete. Kuhu feels Mishti knows her well. Mishti tells that now she can’t have her baby. Kuhu wants to enjoy her life. She thinks none will out pressure on her. Kunal wants Abir to get all the deserved happiness. Abir tells him that he is happy with Mishti, he loves her, he doesn’t want a baby to complete their relation. He tells that he will love Kunal’s baby a lot when he comes into the world. He lays his dreams in Kunal’s hand. He tells that Kunal and Kuhu’s baby will take the family ahead. He wants Kunal’s baby to become the heir of Rajvansh family.

Kunal finds him maturely handling the situation. He doesn’t want a baby soon. Abir pills his leg. He hides his sorrow behind his smile. Mishti asks Abir to plan an outing. Abir gets happy that she is positive and normal. Meanwhile, Meenakshi tries to find another way to get the family heir. She wants to go for the remarriage option to get the family heir. She dreams of getting a grandchild. She thinks its the world’s biggest happiness to get a grandchild. She wants Abir’s child at any cost. Also, Varsha’s upset behavior hurts Rajshri.

Rajshri wants to know why is Varsha angry over Abir and Mishti. Varsha fights for Kuhu’s rights. She wants Kuhu’s future to be bright. Rajshri asks her not to get brainwashed by Jasmeet. Varsha argues a lot and wants Kuhu to have Meenakshi’s business share as well. Rajshri stops her from misbehavior. Meenakshi meets them and breaks the shocking news of Mishti’s problem. She tells them that Mishti’s reports make it evident that Mishti can never give a child to Abir. She feels Mishti broke her dream. She wanted to relive motherood by raising her grandchild. She gets against Mishti. She threatens to ruin Mishti and throw her out of the house.

Vishwamber and Rajshir strongly oppose Meenakshi. Meenakshi returns home to compel Abir for a remarriage. She wants Abir to give a heir to her family and business. She tells him that the business belongs to his child, if Mishti can’t give them a heir, then he should get remarried. Abir refuses to her decision. Meenakshi comes up with a suicide drama. Mishti falls into her drama trap. What will Mishti decide? Will she leave from Abir’s life? Abir refuses for remarriage and also the surrogacy, since he can’t see the relations shattering. He wants Meenakshi to stop her demands for the heir, knowing her demand will break the family apart.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Rishtey Pyaar Promo Abir denies Meenakshi’s odd demand: 4/5
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