Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th September Real DSR arrives

Ishq Mein Marjawan Thrilling twists with Sunny’s entry

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Ishq Mein Marjawan Thrilling twists with Sunny’s entry Riddhima feels her life is in danger and she should better contact Kabir to inform him. She wants to get help from Kabir, who can save her life by getting her out of VR mansion. Riddhima tries to reach him by a simple way explained by him when they were preparing for invading VR mansion. She tries the torch flickering method to convey her message to Kabir that her life is threatened and she needs to leave VR mansion as soon as possible.

Riddhima waits for Kabir to respond after sending the torch signal to Kabir’s aide. She realizes that Kabir has come to take her safely. She informs him about the threat received by Vansh’s family members. Kabir asks her not to worry and come with him. Vansh spots him and shoots him right away, much to her shock. This turns out to be her nightmare.

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She gets terrified. She finds Vansh, who realizes that she has dreamt of him and woke up terrified. He asks her if she has fallen in love with him that she started dreaming of him. Riddhima doesn’t answer him. He tells her that morning dreams really come true. She wonders why didn’t Kabir come or send anyone to help her. Later, Vansh receives a shock when he learns that Ishani is dating Sunny. Sunny proposes her for marriage.

Ishani happily accepts his proposal. Vansh asks her to not decide in a rush. He doesn’t want the alliance to materialize. Ishani reminds him that he had married Riddhima even when he didn’t know her well. She feels sure about Sunny. She rebels against the family when she doesn’t get support.

She threatens to leave the house and marry Sunny. Vansh is convinced by the family members to accept Sunny as Ishani’s choice. Vansh agrees for Dadi’s sake. Ishani plans her engagement party in the evening so that all her wishes come true. Ishani gets happy when the entire family involves in her engagement preparations. Riddhima waits for Kabir’s signal.

Vansh finds her waiting for someone. Vansh asks her for the person she is looking for. He tells her that he doesn’t come from the window, so she doesn’t need to stand there. She makes an excuse, which he finds romantic. Vansh and Riddhima share a romantic moment while he helps her deck up for the party. He finds her look stunning and can’t help but compliment her. He finds someone spying at his door.

He finds Sunny, who makes silly excuses in tension. Vansh warns him against making any mistake that can cost a lot. Sunny passes a message to Riddhima, that he is sent by Kabir and had come to rescue her. Riddhima gets relieved to know that Kabir got her message. Riddhima thinks to take Sunny’s help in finding Ragini’s murder truth so that she can gather evidence against Vansh before making a final leave.

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