Choti Sardarni Quick Preview Vikram is left surprised

Choti Sardarni Quick Preview Vikram is left surprised

Choti Sardarni Quick Preview Vikram is left surprised 4th September 2020 Voot Update on Vikram meets Jagga and shocks him. Jagga tells Meher that Manav isn’t dead, he has come back as Vikram. Meher doesn’t think Vikram is Manav. She tells him that its just a coincidence that he resembles Manav. Amrita doesn’t find Meher’s life to face any storm. Jagga tells Meher that he is always with her. Meher tells them that she is restless since she met Vikram.

She fears of his involvement in their lives. She tells them that Sarabjeet also knew Manav. She adds that he doesn’t know the truth, but she will tell him the truth. Jagga doesn’t want her to reveal anything. Meher feels bad to hide anything. Jagga tells that Sarabjeet knows her past and accepted her, she doesn’t need to tell him about Vikram or Manav. He tells that Vikram will finish his enquiry and leave. He doesn’t want her to create a stir in Sarabjeet’s heart.


They advise Meher not to trouble Sarabjeet further. Meher agrees to them. She wants the scam blame to get off Sarabjeet’s name. Meanwhile, Vikram stops a guilty Rana. Rana tells him about Manav. Meher hinders their conversation. Meher and Vikram get at loggerheads. She stops Vikram from investigating his way. She shocks him by giving him the house keys. She asks him to find out whatever he wants in half an hour.

She tells him that he won’t come back if he fails to get anything against Sarabjeet. She praises Sarabjeet for sparing him even after knowing everything. She tells him that if he troubles her family again, then she will not tolerate it. She scolds for backstabbing Sarabjeet’s trust. Vikram tells her that he can tolerate the insult, he has to do his duty. He adds that he is serving his country, its his duty to make the truth win.

Meher asks him to go ahead. The family celebrates in high spirits. Meher stays lost. Sarabjeet finds her upset. He dances with Meher. They have a moment during their romantic dance performance. Param brings Meher and Sarabjeet together. Rana and Bittu hide from Vikram. Vikram finds them hiding. He tells them that Kulwant met him and told about Manav, who came to ask her for money. They also lie as Kkulwant taught them. Vikram tests their answers cleverly. Kulwant worries and interferes in his investigation.

She informs her sons that she has given 2 crores to Manav. Vikram understands that Kulwant cleverly saved them, she has proved that she is wrong by playing such a game. He wants to end her game. Sarabjeet jokes on Meher’s weight. He lifts her on everyone’s insistence. Kulwant asks Vikram to stop spying. She calls him Manav again and again. They get into a war of words. Kulwant doesn’t care if he understands the truth. She threatens him. Vikram makes a plan and punctures his car tyre. He asks Jagga to give him lift. He goes along with Meher’s family, making Meher further tensed about his next move.

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Choti Sardarni Quick Preview Vikram is left surprised


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