Kumkum Bhagya 25th September Prachi accident twist

Kumkum Bhagya Prachi yearns for Ranbir’s love

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Kumkum Bhagya Prachi yearns for Ranbir’s love Aaliya makes a leave from the police station before Pragya sees her. Vikram and Pallavi thank Pragya for allowing Prachi to work with them. Pallavi praises Pragya for having such a big heart. Pragya too shares the mutual admiration. Dida informs Pallavi that Maya’s uncle Dushyant has come with the marriage shagun. Pallavi tells that they will need time to come home. Dushyant tells that they will keep the marriage ceremony tomorrow.

He hands over the shagun to Dida and makes a leave. Pallavi tells Ranbir about Dushyant bringing the marriage shagun. Ranbir gets worried knowing his marriage is tomorrow. Sarita and Shahana wait for Pragya and Prachi to return. They have many questions to ask. Prachi comes home and hugs Sarita. She tells them about Sanju being the real culprit behind the robbery. She tells that a woman is the mastermind of the robbery, who tried to frame her.

Dushyant reaches Pragya’s house to warn Prachi. He tells that they aren’t invited in Ranbir and Maya’s marriage. He asks them not to join Kohlis, else they will be in trouble. On the other side, Rhea wants to stop Ranbir and Maya’s marriage. Ranbir explains that its not easy to call off the marriage, Maya’s family is influential. Rhea wants the family to do anything to stop them.

Pallavi tells that there is no way to deal with Dushyant. Aaliya recalls Dushyant’s threatening. Rhea asks her to stop Dushyant. Aaliya can’t do anything since Dushyant knows her crime to instigate Maya for the suicide. She warned her to not come between Maya’s happiness. Aaliya doesn’t understand how to stop the marriage. Dida is sure that Ranbir doesn’t want to marry and Prachi will take a stand for him. She asks Pallavi if she invited Prachi and family. Pallavi tells that she has invited them. Maya and her mum meet Prachi.

They also threaten Prachi. They know Prachi is Maya’s competition. Maya asks Prachi not to pose hurdles for her again. She tells Prachi that Dushyant will not spare her. She asks Prachi to not come in the marriage if she loves Ranbir. Ranbir and Prachi think of each other. They have realized their love for each other. Prachi doesn’t want him to suffer. Rhea also loves him and finds him upset. She also wishes to save him from Maya.

He tells her that he has shared his problem with everyone, but not her. She asks him to tell her once that he doesn’t want to marry Maya. He tells her that nothing will change even if he wants. She wants to try to stop the marriage. She tells him that he will also need to do a favor once she saves him from the marriage. Prachi can’t see Ranbir marrying Maya. Ranbir feels he will lose Prachi forever if he marries Maya. He can’t make Prachi away from him.

Prachi wants to tell Ranbir about her feelings. She doesn’t want to get away from Ranbir. She feels Ranbir has made her realize what’s love. She wants to stop his marriage at any cost. Rhea is troubled by Prachi and Maya. She wants to marry Ranbir by ending Maya’s chapter.

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Kumkum Bhagya Prachi yearns for Ranbir's love







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