Ishq Mein Marjawa News Update Vansh's dreadful surprise

Ishq Mein Marjawa News Update Vansh’s dreadful surprise

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Ishq Mein Marjawa News Update Vansh’s dreadful surprise Riddhima gets worried about the gift. Vansh realizes that she has a problem with him. She leaves the gift. He opens it for her and shows the lovely dress. He tells her that his choice isn’t so bad. She likes that she likes it. She is tensed that Vansh’s love would make her fall in trouble.

Sunny advised her to play along so that Vansh doesn’t suspect her. Vansh asks Riddhima to try the dress right away. He sends her away. Ishani gets upset that Sunny left her on their engagement night. He makes up for his leaving. He shows her the wedding invite. She gets glad to know that he was planning their wedding. She wants to marry him at the earliest. He tells her that he loves her a lot. Ishani and Sunny reveal their wish to get married on the same day.

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The family disapproves their wish. They don’t want Ishani to rush away. Ishani doesn’t care for the rituals. She just wants Sunny with her. She asks the family to support her. She tells Vansh has to agree for keeping her marriage as per her wish. Riddhima tries the dress on Vansh’s demand. Vansh gets mesmerized to see her. Riddhima asks about the special occasion. Vansh wants her to have patience and know everything.

Moreover, he lines up surprises for her, which gives her tension. He gets the same heart cushion back. He apologizes for burning the cushion in anger. He tells her that he got the exactly same cushion for her sake. She knows that he doesn’t care for anyone’s feelings. She wants to know what’s happening and why. Vansh showers his love on her. Vansh’s romantic side shocks Riddhima. She wants to know what’s on his mind. He gets roses for her to make her feel special. She feels if he is planning to murder her like Ragini and giving a final surprise.

Suddenly, she recalls Sunny’s words that Vansh gave many surprises to Ragini before killing her. Riddhima is scared to face her death. Vansh asks her to enjoy the gifts. Vansh clicks her pictures. Riddhima worriedly follows his instructions. She really assumes that he is going to kill her and clicking the pictures to make her statue, just like Ragini. Vansh makes her assume anything and enjoys seeing her tensed face.

Later, Vansh gets upset when he learns Ishani to get married to Sunny. Ishani tells Vansh that he knows nothing about her, he has no idea about her likes and dislikes, she isn’t important for him. She tells that he just cares for Siya. She doesn’t want him to rule over her life. She tells him that she means a world to Sunny, she really wants to marry him. Vansh agrees to her wish. He does a brother’s duty. He tells that she will get married to Sunny today itself as she wants.

Furthermore, Riddhima contacts Sunny to get his help. Sunny asks Riddhima why did she call him, he may fall into trouble. He wants to marry Ishani and get secured. Riddhima tells him that her life is in danger. She reveals about Vansh’s series of surprises. She fears that Vansh will kill her. She tells Sunny that they will get Ragini’s dead body and pass the evidence to Vansh. She wants to get Vansh arrested. She tells Sunny that she will inform Kabir as well.

Sunny has no idea about Kabir. He asks her about whom is she talking. Riddhima doesn’t tell Kabir’s name. They try to get the evidence, when Vansh reaches there. Sunny turns out to be Vansh’s aide, trying to find Riddhima’s secret partner.

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