Anupama Paritosh role reversal twist 5th September 2020

Anupama Paritosh role reversal twist 5th September 2020

Anupama Paritosh role reversal twist 5th September 2020 Anupama gets a chance from Vanraj to prove herself as a good mother by sorting out Paritosh’s depression. She knows that the only way to end his hopeless approach is to fulfill his wish by getting him married to Kinjal. She wants to speak to Rakhi and convince her for the alliance. She is ready to make any deal or any sacrifice to convince Rakhi. She knows that it won’t be tough to convince her, but its a challenge to pass.

She can’t let her son take any tough step. She is scared of Paritosh’s suicidal tendency, after he has expressed his sorrow openly to her. She loses some hope after Baa blames her for bringing her children at fault. Anupama still gains confidence and is sure to do the best for her children. Baa warns her against making any silly mistake, that could ruin Paritosh’s life and also break Vanraj’s trust as well. Anupama wants Rakhi to drop her ego. Rakhi plans to upset the Shah family badly. Paritosh stays nervous.

Anupama knows that Vanraj’s way to manage Rakhi will be very different. She hopes that Anupama doesn’t get them insulted this time and lives up to the expectations of the family, especially Paritosh. She prepares to meet Rakhi after convincing Rakhi for a meeting with much difficulty. She thinks its a good sign that Rakhi has agreed to meet her. She doesn’t want to lose hope again. She wants Vanraj to be proud of her.

Paritosh teaches her some basic etiquette. He gives her many tips so that the meeting goes successful. He doesn’t want her to embarrass Rakhi and make things awkward. He teaches her little things.

Anupama doesn’t feel bad that her son is teaching her the basic things, which she used to teach him in childhood. She is happy that she has grown him up well and made him capable. She tells him that she has taught him everything, he needs to trust her. Paritosh feels odd that he had to teach her in this age. Anupama tells him that she remembers her own teachings, though their perceptions are different. Samar and Paritosh wish her all the best.

Samar knows that his mum will do the best for them. He further adds that Paritosh and Kinjal’s marriage will happen for sure. Paritosh gets hopeful that she succeeds. He wishes her all the best and pins all his hopes on her meeting with Rakhi.

Other side, Rakhi is planning to insult Anupama in a way that Anupama doesn’t think of the alliance talks again. She wants to keep such conditions that Paritosh gets away from Kinjal forever. She stops Kinjal from meeting Paritosh. She doesn’t want Kinjal to fall into Anupama’s sugary trap. She hates Anupama’s illiteracy. She fears that Anupama’s family will ruin Kinjal’s life.

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