StarPlus Prime Anupama News Rakhi approves Paritosh

StarPlus Prime Anupama News Rakhi approves Paritosh

StarPlus Prime Anupama News Rakhi approves Paritosh Vanraj is much disturbed after he learns that Anupama has gone to meet Rakhi. He knows the kind of person Rakhi is, stubborn and arrogant. He doesn’t think Anupama is capable to convince Rakhi, still he hopes that she succeeds for Paritosh’s sake. He stays lost in his thoughts, while Kavya asks him to listen to her problems as well.

She shares about the way Anirudh declared that he will never free her from their marriage, he doesn’t want to divorce her. She tells him that Anirudh acted really strange and scared her. She asks Vanraj to understand her situation. Vanraj doesn’t pay attention to her. She gets miffed on knowing that Vanraj isn’t even listening to her. He tells her that he is in a bigger problem, since Anupama has gone to meet Rakhi, Paritosh’s matter is going out of hands.

Kavya finds him selfish to just think of his own problems. She tells him that he should also understand her problems, its not easy to deal with Anirudh, who threatened her. He tells her that he will understand her situation, but when he is a right frame of mind. She feels Anirudh is right about Vanraj, who just cares for his family. Anirudh meets them at office. He gets glad that she finally got the senses.

He tells her that its really pity that she has problems with both of them, not even Vanraj is able to keep her happy. He taunts Kavya for failing in her new relationship. He wants Kavya in his life. Vanraj and Anirudh get against each other and fight for Kavya. She gets depressed watching them shout and fight like teenagers. She asks them to be responsible and dutiful. Anirudh tells Vanraj that he will never divorce Kavya. Vanraj gets another trouble to handle. Anirudh asks Vanraj to save his own family. Kavya gets upset with them.

Anupama has come to a five star hotel for the first time. She tries to reach Rakhi. She gets guided by the manager. She gets nervous. She stumbles and falls down. She fears that the meeting may fail. Rakhi enjoys the sight. She meets Anupama, who gets Vanraj’s call at the same instant. Vanraj asks Anupama to mind her manners and not bring any shame for him, by her odd behavior. He wants Anupama to handle the matter well.

Rakhi starts insulting Anupama for having no identity of her own. Anupama tries hard to convince Rakhi for the alliance. She speaks her heart out and convinces Rakhi. How she convinces Rakhi will be the interesting part to watch on Monday. Keep reading.

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