Choti Sardarni Upcoming Sarabjeet drunken drama

Choti Sardarni Upcoming Sarabjeet drunken drama

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Choti Sardarni Upcoming Sarabjeet drunken drama Sarabjeet finds Aditi and Vikram’s pictures. He really thinks there is some issues between them. Param tells Sarabjeet that he wants a little sister, since he is missing out a sister in his life. He is happy with Karan. He also wants a sister. He puts Sarabjeet and Meher in the awkward moment by asking them to get a sister for him.

Harleen happily asks them to consider Param’s wish and plan a baby. Meher tries to avoid the matter. She sends Param to play with Karan. Harleen tells Sarabjeet that Vikram will never come inside their house, not even as Aditi’s fiance. Sarabjeet doesn’t want to upset Aditi.

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On the other hand, Kulwant gets insulting Vikram while they are on the way in the car together. Vikram indirectly scares Kulwant in his way. He tells that he knows to deal with such people. They go across the same river bridge, where Manav’s dead body was dumped. She asks him if he knows swimming. He asks her if she is intending to throw him down into the river. Kulwant tells Jagga that Vikram is a humorous guy. Vikram keeps a spy bug in her purse.

He asks Jagga to drop him at the next route. He tells that he is done with his work. Kulwant suspects him. Sarabjeet tells Meher that Aditi and Vikram look upset with each other. He wants to solve their issues. He tells Meher that he has to talk to Vikram to find out how much serious he is. He wants to invite Aditi and Vikram home. He asks Harleen and Meher to support him. Vikram gets to overhear Kulwant’s conversation with her sons. Harleen and Meher agree to help Sarabjeet.

Vikram wants to hear the truth. Kulwant admits that she is aware of everything, what Vikram is planning. She is about to admit that she has killed Manav. Yuvi hinders their talk. Kulwant asks Yuvi to come later. She gives her purse to Yuvi and sends him out. Yuvi checks the purse and gets the spy bug. Vikram fails to hear Kulwant’s confession.

Harleen wants Sarabjeet not to stop them from sparing Vikram if he does anything else. Sarabjeet tells that if Vikram is using Aditi, he will not leave him. Meher reminds that Vikram is a CBI officer, he will not admit the truth soon. Sarabjeet tells that he has a plan on his mind, he will make Vikram admit the truth. He shares his plan to spike Vikram’s drink and make him admit the truth. He is sure that Vikram will make a mistake in drunken state.

Meher jokes on his plans. Sarabjeet tells her that he will also drink with Vikram. Harleen and Meher scold him for the silly plan. Sarabjeet tells that he hates alcohol, he will act to drink with Vikram. Meher still finds the plan odd. Harleen too calls the idea a big flop one. Sarabjeet tells them that he has faith in his idea. Meher calls him a bad actor. Vikram misses to hear anything because of Yuvi. Meher looks for Sarabjeet.

Meher and Harleen find him enacting drunk to convince them of his acting skills. Sarabjeet’s funny drama begins. He turns into Dharmendra of Sholay and brings a smile on Meher’s face. Meher gets emotional on seeing him. She feels love for him. She likes everything about him. Meher and Sarabjeet have a moment.

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