Kumkum Bhagya Update Tonight Ranbir’s surprising move

Kumkum Bhagya Update Tonight Ranbir's surprising move

Kumkum Bhagya Update Tonight Ranbir’s surprising move Ranbir and Maya’s marriage brings tension. Aaliya is glad that Rhea doesn’t know the truth of her mother. She doesn’t want to lose Rhea. She wants her revenge on Pragya and Prachi. She had made a full-proof plan to send Prachi to the jail and get her attacked. She wanted to trouble Pragya. She feels that Pragya is lucky to get Abhi’s help.

She doesn’t want Rhea to know her blood ties with Pragya. Rhea meets her and fails to see Pragya’s picture. She informs Aaliya that Maya didn’t back out, she has threatened her. She can’t lose Ranbir. Aaliya tells her that he will not let the marriage happen. She promises to get Rhea married to Ranbir. She hugs Rhea and relieves her. She has raised Rhea and wants her happiness. She doesn’t want to lose her Rhea to Pragya.

Meanwhile, Prachi isn’t scared of Dushyant’s threatening. She wants to attend the marriage and stop it. Shahana wonders what Prachi can do to stop the marriage, when his family also failed. Dushyant calls Prachi to threaten her further. He doesn’t want her to tell anyone that he has threatened her to limit her from coming to the marriage ceremony. He asks her to be careful if she loves her mother. Prachi gets worried.

She tells Shahana that Dushyant may harm them if they attend the marriage. Maya decides to marry Ranbir and never divorce him. She thinks Rahul loves her and he will come into her lies easily. She gets ready for the marriage. Rahul gets a disguise and lands there to meet her. Ranbir and his family get welcomed by Dushyant. Dushyant tells them that he wants them to keep smiling.

Ranbir is much sorrowful over the marriage rituals taking place against his wish. Aaliya doesn’t want to lose her control on Rhea’s life. Maya gets a huge shock to see Rahul. She asks him the reason for coming. She lies to him that she will marry him when time comes. He tells her that he was waiting for his call. She lies that she will tell Ranbir about their love and divorce him. She asks him not to feel insecure. He tells her that he is insecure that Ranbir is more handsome than him.

She tells him that he is the best guy for her, she loves him. Ranbir gets angry on Aryan when the latter laughs on his situation. Ranbir wants to meet Prachi once. He waits for Prachi’s arrival. He asks Aryan about her. Dushyant makes sure that Prachi and her family don’t get an entry in the function. Prachi reaches there and learns that Dushyant has made arrangements to stop her at the gate. She sees Ranbir.

She feels Ranbir is waiting for her. She doesn’t want to leave him alone in tension. Maya’s mum asks Ranbir to come along and meet Maya so that his smile gets back. Rhea reaches Maya, who tries to fool about Rahul. Rhea gets to see Rahul in disguise. She asks Maya about Rahul. Maya lies to her that she has planned a play to show Ranbir and her love story to the world. She taunts Rhea for being mad for Ranbir and putting him into troubles. She feels Rhea needs a psychiatrist.

Maya’s mum tells Ranbir that his love story will complete when he reciprocates Maya’s love. Maya tells Rhea that she will not leave Ranbir for money. Rhea tells that Ranbir doesn’t love her. Maya is sure that love will make a place in their marriage. Rhea asks her to back out from the wedding. She admits that she had paid Maya to get close to Ranbir. Ranbir gets to hear the truth. Rhea doesn’t want Ranbir to hate her. Maya threatens to tell him the truth. Ranbir asks Maya why is she lying. He supports Rhea.

He tells them that he knows Rhea well, her intentions were always noble, she wants to see him happy. Ranbir takes a stand for Rhea. He asks Rhea not to worry for the accusations. He fumes that his friends who care for him, always get insulted by Maya’s family.

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