Anupama Vanraj Kavya affair revelation by Anirudh

Anupama Vanraj Kavya affair revelation by Anirudh

Anupama Vanraj Kavya affair revelation coming up Anupama congratulates Rakhi, who plays along even when she doesn’t like Shah family. Rakhi stays silent because of Kinjal. Anupama hopes Rakhi has agreed heartily. Rakhi offers to drop her home. They find Vanraj and Kavya coming to the same club. Rakhi asks Anupama if she didn’t know about Vanraj’s arrival. Anupama is surprised. Kavya doesn’t want to face Anupama again.

Vanraj assures that he will handle Anupama well. He tells that he didn’t know about Rakhi and Anupama’s meet at the club. He manages to lie to Anupama stating his work purpose. Rakhi suspects him and also taunts him for his affair with Kavya. Anupama doesn’t realize what she means to say. Rakhi takes their leave. Furthermore, Vanraj enquires about the meeting’s outcome.

Anupama breaks the great news to him that Rakhi has accepted Paritosh and Kinjal’s marriage alliance. He can’t believe it when she adds that Rakhi has fixed the date for engagement as well. Vanraj feels confident and happy, that his son’s life is going to get back on track. He is much happy that Anupama did it. He appreciates Anupama’s efforts. They share a moment as Paritosh’s parents. Kavya feels jealous to watch them happy together.

She didn’t wish Anupama to snatch Vanraj from her. She feels she has more rights on Vanraj. Vanraj’s car tyre puncture gives them some time to spend at the club. Vanraj takes Anupama for coffee. Kavya feels like an outsider again. Anupama wants Vanraj to give the good news to Paritosh. She feels he deserves the moment with their son. Vanraj likes the idea. He asks Anupama how did she convince Rakhi. Anupama tells him what all she told to Rakhi, how she had convinced Rakhi by her philosophy.

Vanraj gets surprised that Anupama is such a good speaker that she convinced Rakhi. Anupama and Vanraj tell Kavya about an old incident of Paritosh’s childhood, when he had an allergy after eating a lotus dish. Anupama stops Vanraj from consuming the dish, which will be troublesome for him as well. She tells Kavya that Vanraj is very caring, he loves his family a lot, he bought a car for the family after Paritosh got ill in the rain while going to the doctor that very day. Vanraj also remembers the incident.

He adds that he loves his family, he can never see them hurt. He is a family man. Kavya feels upset. She wants to leave. She asks them to go home together. Anupama insists her to come along and be a part of their happiness. Anupama goes to take the front seat. Kavya feels bad that Anirudh was right about Vanraj. She thinks she is the second woman in Vanraj’s life. She doesn’t want to lose Vanraj. She decides to snatch Vanraj from Anupama and become the only woman in his life.

Furthermore, Anupama plans a visit to the temple with the family. She narrates the old incidents to Kavya. Vanraj also smiles recalling the good times. Kavya can’t tolerate their happy moments. Samar helps Nandini in fixing the fuse. They have a cute moment. She returns the fuse box to Samar. Kinjal is excited to know that Rakhi agrees for her marriage. She wants to inform Paritosh. Anupama messages her to not inform Paritosh and let the family surprise him. Kinjal agrees with her. Rakhi agreed for just the engagement.

She wants to scheme and stop the marriage at any cost. Paritosh is much nervous. He wants to know about Anupama and Rakhi’s meeting. Anupama messages Samar to surprise Paritosh. Samar and Nandini come up with a marriage drama to surprise Paritosh. Paritosh thinks they are doing the dance to cheer him up. He wants a good news. He finds Anupama and Vanraj back. He asks them about the meeting. Vanraj reveals that his marriage got fixed. Paritosh can’t believe it. Anupama tells that she has finally got happiness for him.

Vanraj finds his son very happy and thanks Anupama. The family happily celebrates the good news with Paritosh. Kavya feels horrible to see Vanraj forgetting her completely when he is with his family. The family dances and celebrates, while Anirudh makes a stormy entry to reveal about Vanraj and Kavya’s affair to Anupama. Will this be any dream sequence or reality? Keep reading.

Anupama Vanraj Kavya affair revelation by Anirudh

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