Shaadi Mubarak Update Tellyreviews Preeti KT new journey

Shaadi Mubarak Update 11th September Preeti's denial

Shaadi Mubarak Update Tellyreviews Preeti KT new journey Preeti meets Chanda and introduces herself. She gives her ideas for the royal wedding project. She impresses Chanda with her fresh and unique ideas. Chanda instantly hires her. She thinks Preeti can lead the team well and also bag many projects for the company. She then learns that Preeti is the person who had stolen her ring. She doesn’t want any thief to be part of her company.

She tells that Preeti maybe wanting to join the company to rob the rich clients. She insults Preeti, which gets overheard by KT. KT is in the same cafe. He finds Preeti in trouble. Before he could help, Preeti takes a stand for herself. She clears her name from the theft case. She keeps her esteem and walks out. KT follows her to give her a piece of inspirational advice, so that she doesn’t attempt suicide again.

He misunderstands Preeti to be a depressed and helpless woman. KT tells her that his mum runs a NGO, Preeti can get financial help and also advice in dealing with her personal problems. He tells that he has sensed her family problems after speaking to Rati. Preeti doesn’t want him to pity her. He asks her to give a chance to life and not end it. She answers him back that she isn’t a helplessly tired soul to end her life. She clears his misunderstanding. She asks him not to show mercy, since she isn’t a weak person.

She tells him that she is brave enough to stand for her esteem and pride. She reveals that she is finding a job not just to earn money for a living, but also to keep her esteem high. She tells him that it needs much courage to work hard and be independent in this age. She rebukes KT for jumping to conclusions without knowing the matter well. Preeti returns home and gets a huge surprise. She finds her family at Kusum’s place. Tarun and Rati want Preeti back home so that she manages the work efficiently. They are tired to manage household chores.

Tarun acts apologetic, while Rati shows respect towards Preeti. They get the elders to command Preeti to return home. Kusum knows Preeti won’t go against the elders. She also knows that Tarun and Rati want Preeti as a house servant, they have no love and respect for her. She doesn’t want them to cleverly win. She thinks of a way to stop Preeti, when Preeti doesn’t take a stand for herself. Preeti agrees to go back to Tarun’s house. Kusum stops Tarun and Rati to question their love for Preeti.

When Rati boasts her of false love, Kusum asks Tarun to name the new flat to his mother. Tarun gets into a fix, since he can never do that. Kusum proves Tarun and Rati wrong in front of the family elders. She stops Preeti from going with Tarun, who needs her just for his household work. Preeti is thankful to Kusum. KT meets Preeti and offers her a job. He decides to turn into a wedding planner along with Preeti. He thinks to fund her unique ideas and run the business together. He offers her a partnership. Preeti accepts his offer after failing to get a decent job anywhere. Their journey begins.

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