Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Kirti panicking mystery twist

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Kirti panicking mystery twist

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Kirti panicking mystery twist Chori daring act stuns Naira Naira develops a bond with Chori, which Kartik realizes too. Naira sees her daughter Kaira’s sonography reports. She cries seeing the pictures. She has lost Kaira soon after her birth. She sees Kaira in Chori. Kartik realizes that Naira is finding Kaira in Chori and wishing for the miracle. He exclaims that Chori can never be their Kaira, such miracles don’t happen in real life.

He doesn’t want Naira to hurt herself by having such expectations. He tells Naira that Chori is destined to go away from their lives, soon the orphanage people will come to pick her and send her away with the family who wants to adopt her. He wants Naira to be strong when she parts Chori away. Naira admits that she has developed a strong attachment with Chori, its not easy for her to ask Chori to leave from their lives. She is much emotional about Chori.

Kartik tells her that even he likes Chori and doesn’t want to send her away, but the situation is such. He can’t keep a girl home just because they like her. He wants Chori’s life to get better with her new family. Chori meets them and asks Kartik for the gifts he promised.

Kartik wants to break the truth that Sudha is coming to pick her. Kartik and Naira spend time with Chori and pamper her to give her some memorable moments. Chori wants to be with them. She knows they love her and doesn’t regard her a burden. Singhanias too like Chori, who is just like Naira.

They find Chori a replica of Naira, since they both got raised in an orphanage. They wish the best for Chori. Suwarna happens to take Kaira’s medical file along with Manish’s folders. Chori cries upon knowing the truth that she will be sent away with Sudha. She sits under the table just like Kartik and Naira. She weeps and expresses her wish to stay with Goenkas. She doesn’t want to go away. Kartik turns emotional on hearing her cry. He is helpless to send her.

Naira looks for Kaira’s file. She realizes it got misplaced. She asks Suwarna about the file. She learns that Suwarna has sent the file to Kirti, but the driver didn’t leave with the files yet. Naira searches for the file. A fire breaks out in the house portion where the files are kept. Naira fears of losing Kaira’s last memory. She panics seeing the fire. Kartik consoles her. Chori realizes that Naira has lost her daughter and the file is her last memory.

She doesn’t think of the danger and enters the fire to save the file. Kartik and Naira try to get help for Chori. Kartik rushes to save Chori. Chori hands over the file to Naira just before she loses consciousness. Goenkas get emotional. On the other hand, Kirti lives in some fear.

She doesn’t want Naksh to know anything about Aditya’s demand. She realizes how she lost the picture when Naksh entered the room. She looks for the picture, but fails to find it. She doesn’t want anyone to see the picture and learn the truth. She fears that Naksh will soon know everything. Kirti wants to end her fears. She turns helpless because of Aditya. The mystery gets dragged further with no revelation about the picture.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Kirti panicking mystery twist






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