YRKKH Latest Promo Update Kartik goes missing

YRKKH Latest Promo Update Kartik goes missing

YRKKH Latest Promo Update Kartik goes missing The Goenkas get proud of Chori who risked her life to save Kaira’s memory for Naira’s sake. They find her selfless and true. Naira tells Kartik that Chori has taken a big risk just for them. She realizes that Chori is also getting attached to them. Kartik tells her that he is helpless to send away Chori.

Chori gains consciousness and turns happy to see everyone caring for her. She enjoys the injuries which got Kartik and Naira at her side. She tells them that she can get more hurt if they care for her this way. Chori’s emotional speech melts their heart. Naira wants Chori to stay safe. She thanks Chori for saving Kaira’s last memory. Chori asks them not to send her to the orphanage. Naira gets Sudha’s call. Sudha informs her about Chori’s pick up time. Chori gets depressed.

Kartik and Naira get to hear some bad adoption cases. They get afraid for Chori’s future. They don’t want anyone to torture Chori. Naira can’t take the decision alone and feels helpless. Kartik decides to adopt Chori and make her family. His decision surprises Naira a lot. Naira feels proud of him. She is sure that Chori will be much happy too. Dadi makes an entry back into the family. She learns Kartik’s decision of adoption. Will Dadi oppose Kartik’s decision? Will they lose Chori forever?

Ahead in the track, Kartik and Naira plan their baby. A short leap will be seen. Kartik and Naira experience parenthood once again. Naira celebrates the joy of pregnancy. She has Kartik to share her joy. Kartik gets a work call. He promises Naira and the coming baby that he will be back soon. Kartik leaves for the emergency. Kartik goes missing, which becomes a major shock for Naira. Naira awaits Kartik. The baby in her womb gives her strength and hope of finding Kartik. The new track will begin next week. Watch the latest promo below.

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