Anupama Upcoming Rakhi plots to break engagement

Anupama Upcoming Rakhi plots to break engagement

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Anupama Upcoming Rakhi plots to break engagement Kavya is frustrated about Vanraj’s ignorance. She gets clear to what she wants from her life. She wants Vanraj at any cost. She determines to win him by breaking all limits, since everything is fair in love and war. She doesn’t want to think about Vanraj’s family, who would object to her relationship with him. She decides to plan her marriage with Vanraj to give an answer to Anirudh.

On the other side, Rakhi arrives to meet Shah family. Kinjal is stressed that Rakhi and Vanraj may have a clash. She wants Pramod to control Rakhi. She tells Vanraj that she has come to talk of Kinjal and Paritosh’s engagement. She tells him that she is sorry for the past mistakes. Vanraj shows a big heart and forgives her. Baa praises him for always being so kind. Rakhi gets to hear the taunts from Baa, but keeps her cool since she has a motive to break the marriage. She wants Anupama to call off the alliance herself.

She thinks to humiliate Shah family. Vanraj treats Anupama nicely in front of Rakhi and family. Anupama is very happy and sings his praise. Rakhi intentionally asks about Kavya. She taunts Vanraj for not presenting Kavya as family this time. She asks him about Kavya. Vanraj understands what she is trying to do. Anupama tells Rakhi that Kavya is like their family. Rakhi tells that Vanraj is kind enough to make his office colleague a part of family.

She shows her off status. She wants the engagement to happen at the five star club. She asks Shah family to bear the expenses. Vanraj gets worried since he has to plan the finances. Paritosh wants Vanraj to agree to Rakhi’s every condition. He doesn’t want to lose Kinjal. Rakhi makes sure that Anupama realizes her family’s status and changes her mind to make Kinjal her Bahu. She demands a costly ring for the engagement for Kinjal from Shah family. Anupama gets stressed and wants to talk to Vanraj. Rakhi strikes on their weakness.

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