Kundali Bhagya 14th Sept: Preeta plans romantic shockers

Kundali Bhagya 14th Sept: Preeta plans romantic shockers

Kundali Bhagya 14th Sept: Preeta plans romantic shockers Sameer wants Shrishti to commit that she will kiss him if he helps her in bringing Karan and Sameer together. Shrishti agrees to give him a kiss. He wants her to admit it. She doesn’t want him to pull her leg. She tells that he should just understand her feelings. He tells her that he will just do as she tells and then he will prepare for their kiss. Shrishti gets shy.

Rakhi finds Kareena raged up. Kareena wants the decorations to get clear. Bani tells Rakhi that she will put Karan to sleep. Karan asks Rakhi to give him a hair massage. Rishabh asks Karan if he needs the entire family in his room. Karan doesn’t want anyone to force him to share the room with Preeta. Bani asks Rishabh not to force Karan, who hates Preeta. Kareena offers help. She tells Karan that they will hire a lawyer to sort out the matter.

Sameer tells Kareena that Karan would be safe if he sleeps in the guest room. He tells that Karan would be unsafe in front of the lioness. He calls Karan a silly cat, just as Preeta calls him. He lies to Karan to provoke him to go back to his room. Karan falls into his trap. Sameer tells that Karan will have to face Preeta, he can’t lose it like this to a girl. He wants Karan to stop being a coward. He asks Karan not to leave his jungle when he is the lion.

He tells that Preeta has snatched Karan’s room, but he should show his rights on his room. Kareena scolds Sameer for instigating Karan. Sameer tells them that Preeta was making fun of Karan while talking to Shrishti on the phone call. He lies that Preeta was laughing at Karan. Karan tells them that he will sleep in his room, he will not let Preeta win. Sameer succeeds and turns Rishabh happy. Kareena gets angry on Sameer, but Rishabh saves him. She finds Sameer crazy.

Rishabh asks everyone to take some rest. Kritika feels Preeta has changed a lot. Mahira and Sherlyn stop Karan from going to his room. Mahira wants to spend time with Karan. She doesn’t let him go to his room. Karan tells her that he wants to talk to Preeta. He doesn’t listen to him. Sameer thinks he has taken a big risk for Shrishti’s kiss. He self-praises himself. He wants Shrishti to be proud of him. He informs Shrishti that Karan has gone to his room. He tells her that he has told a lot of things to Karan to convince him.

Sameer tells her that the entire family is angry on him. He fears that Karan and Preeta will have an argument now, instead romance. He asks Shrishti to see their arguments getting high. He is sure that the wedding night will be an epic horror one for Karan and Preeta. She tells him that Preeta won’t fight with Karan, she will understand that its their plan. Sameer doesn’t want Karan to catch his neck.

She tells him that Preeta will sweetly behave with Karan and apologize as well. He asks the reason for apology. She tells that Sarla has encouraged Preeta to go to Luthra house and made it clear that Preeta shouldn’t fight with Karan. She is excited for Karan and Preeta’s wedding night. She wonders how it will be since their marriage isn’t a love or arranged one, its a revenge one. She asks Sameer to stay alert and not let Mahira and Sherlyn reach Karan. He agrees to her. Mahira is stressed seeing Karan’s desperation. Sherlyn asks her not to worry. Mahira scolds her for always lying to her in the moment of tension.

Moreover, Preeta thinks Karan would not come to the room. Karan comes there and surprises her. He angrily confronts her about laughing at him. He doesn’t want her to succeed in her conspiracy. Preeta doesn’t want to fight with him. She keeps her cool. He is surprised seeing her normal behavior. He tells her that he is the lion of the jungle, while she is the cat. She wonders what he is talking about. He blocks her from occupying the bed. Preeta and Karan get into a romantic moment. Sherlyn finds them close. She doesn’t want Mahira to get heartbroken. Mahira loses her temper. She wants to attack Preeta. Sherlyn controls her.

Preeta stays cool. Karan wants her to leave his room. He realizes Sameer fooled him. Preeta finds Mahira raged. She wants to make Mahira jealous. She thinks to provoke Sherlyn and Mahira so much that they fail in their own plans. She changes her mind and doesn’t leave the room. Karan gets worried on seeing Preeta flirting with him. She tries to charm him by singing his praise. She fulfills his dream by pleasing his ears. Karan gets pleased to hear good things from her. Mahira spies on them and tries to overhear their romantic conversation.

Kundali Bhagya 14th Sept: Preeta plans romantic shockers

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