Shaadi Mubarak Update 11th September Preeti’s denial

Shaadi Mubarak Update 11th September Preeti's denial

Shaadi Mubarak Update 11th September Preeti’s denial Preeti doesn’t want to accept KT’s offer. She goes to some park to think over. She doesn’t get smitten by KT’s striking personality like Kusum. She wants to make her name and career on her own. She doesn’t think its wise to get hidden behind someone’s shadow. She thinks to discard KT’s offer and find a job. She gets calls from home. She informs Juhi and Kusum that she isn’t interested in KT’s offer, since he isn’t leaving, she had to leave the house to avoid him. KT finds her gone and thinks its definitely her refusal.

He takes a leave while Kusum feels awkward. Kusum tells Juhi that Preeti is being stubborn for no reason, she should accept the offer when KT has come to their door. She likes KT’s offer which would ultimately make Preeti independent. Preeti doesn’t think that KT can help her stand for her esteem. She is against working for KT’s business. KT is upset and thinks she will soon call him to refuse. He tells his uncle about his efforts to meet Preeti and convince her. He speaks of her talents. Uncle asks him not to leave hope.

Kusum wants to talk to Preeti once she returns home. She thinks its like a dream come true that KT came with such a good offer. On the other hand, Rati fights with Tarun, being fed up of the household tasks. They come across Preeti. They misunderstand the situation. Rati assumes that Kusum has thrown out Preeti from the house. She passes such harsh comments that hurt Preeti’s hurt. Preeti tells her that Kusum has given much love and respect to her. She has no problems in Kusum’s house. She thanks Rati for ending her dilemma.

She tells that she has decided to do a job and earn money to keep her esteem. Tarun insults her and asks her to work like a maid. She tolerates the bitter things from him. She returns home and is scared to face Kusum. Juhi and Sumedh have already asked Kusum not to pressurize Preeti to take the job. Kusum tries hard to convince Preeti to take up KT’s offer. She tells that KT has seen her talents in Tarun’s marriage and offered the job, he isn’t pitying her. Preeti doubts his intentions. She doesn’t know him well.

Kusum tells her that she just have to work with KT, she doesn’t have to marry him. She asks him to just run the new business and have good profits. She explains the benefits. Preeti still doesn’t agree. Kusum gets upset with her. Preeti calls up KT. She refuses to the offer. Kusum praises KT for being a gem at heart. Preeti has got cheated by her son. She doesn’t want any other deceive. She apologizes to KT.

KT wishes that he convinces her some how. Uncle asks him to keep trying. KT’s mum asks KT not to get pressurized to work, he doesn’t need to work. KT tells that he is taking a stand for his esteem, he will not tolerate any pain from now, he can protect himself. He asks her not to worry. Preeti finds a new job. She realizes that KT has hired her in an indirect way. KT wants to prove to Preeti that their partnership can make wonders.

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