Colors Naagin 5 Bani attacks Veer Jai makes reentry

Colors Naagin 5 Bani attacks Veer Jai makes reentry

Colors Naagin 5 Bani attacks Veer Jai makes reentry Naagin 5 brings the wedding track, which was much awaited. Bani decks up as the bride to marry Jai. Jai and Bani want to get married, but Veer doesn’t want this. Veer intervenes in their story again and again. He is determined to marry Bani. Bani wants to end the story as she likes. She doesn’t want Veer to decide for her fate. Someone shoots down Jai, which leaves Bani shocked. Bani thinks Veer has killed Jai. She can’t lose the love of her life. She wants vengeance. She can’t let Veer win and go away.

Bani and Veer come to their real avatars. She turns into a Naagin to punish Veer for all his crimes. Veer is overconfident that she can never harm him. They both have a battle and attack each other. Veer tries to fly away and save his life, but Bani catches him. Bani angrily takes a step to kill Veer. She gets a bigger shock when she sees someone in front of her. Jai returns to her. Bani is surprised and shocked to see him. Will Bani marry Jai? Will Veer let her marriage happen? Will Veer forcibly marry Bani? The show will have high twists this week. Stay tuned to Tellyreviews.

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