Anupama faces Vanraj’s rage Kavya’s entry stirs a storm

Anupama faces Vanraj's rage Kavya's entry stirs a storm

Anupama faces Vanraj’s rage Kavya’s entry stirs a storm 17th September Nandini’s entry brings joy for Samar. Pakhi requests her to teach them some good Bollywood steps for the engagement function. Samar asks if he isn’t teaching them good moves. Nandini knows that she can teach them better. She tells that though she is a classical dancer, she knows Bollywood dance as well. She plans to have a couple dance performance, since the engagement will get elite guests.

She tells that they need to change the song as well. Samar agrees with her, being smitten by her charm. The family dances happily. Its a special moment for Samar, that he got a chance to dance with Nandini. Anupama reaches home and is excited to show them the diamond ring bought for Kinjal. Baa learns that Anupama has sold off her jewellery.

She wants to confront Anupama. Rakhi realizes that Anupama has kept the family in darkness and bought the ring against their permission. She arrives there to create a storm. She shouts out her happy feelings that Anupama has kept her word and bought a diamond ring for Kinjal by going against the entire family. She tells that Anupama has proved her love for Kinjal, she will be the best mum-in-law for her daughter. She adds that she learnt that Vanraj and Baa aren’t ready to buy the ring, but Anupama has really surprised her. She provokes Vanraj’s anger.

She knows that Vanraj and Baa will never forgive Anupama, who doesn’t have a voice of her own in the family. She leaves Vanraj fuming by showing off the diamond ring. Vanraj wants her to check the community hall arrangements. Rakhi ignites the spark and is sure that fire will catch up. She enjoys the family tension and makes a leave. Vanraj and Baa angrily get after accusing Anupama, like they always do. Poor Anupama gets speechless.

When she could convince Rakhi by her thoughtful talks, she could convince Vanraj as well. But, he doesn’t give her a chance to speak. He shouts a lot on her and suppresses her voice. Anupama is left to cry. Rakhi thinks Anupama is so good that people often misunderstand her because of her goodness. She feels bad for Anupama, but doesn’t care, since she plans to break the alliance. Anupama tells Vanraj that she didn’t take any cash, she has sold the jewellery given by her mum to get the diamond ring, just because Paritosh was sad.

Vanraj asks her how can she spend a hefty amount just because her son is sad. He tells her that they belong to middle class and should remember their limits. He asks her not to commit mistakes in emotions that she regrets later. Anupama knows that Vanraj isn’t wrong, but she wants him to understand that she isn’t wrong as well. He tells her that Rakhi has slapped him by using his wife, she has insulted him by showing her control on his family.

He gets too furious and thinks Anupama is a foolish woman. Baa can’t get over the fact that Anupama has sold the jewellery given by her mum. She thinks Anupama is talking of her mum’s assets, like she had sole rights on it. She scolds Anupama and thinks its not wise to trust her. She tells Vanraj that Anupama can sell the entire jewellery. She feels Anupama is showing rights on her mum’s given jewellery. She is hurt and misunderstands Anupama. Baa asks her to get the jewellery. She wants to keep it safe. Anupama cries a lot and feels bad that Baa doesn’t value her. Paritosh apologizes to Anupama. He thinks he is responsible for it.

Anupama just wants him to be happy with Kinjal. Baa tells Bapu ji that Anupama has proved her wrong once again. She is upset that Anupama doesn’t listen or respect her. She wants to punish Anupama. She dislikes Anupama. Bapu ji defends his Bahu. Anupama returns the jewellery to her. Rakhi decides to fix Kinjal’s marriage with her friend’s son. She wants to break Paritosh and Kinjal’s alliance by fooling Anupama.

A new problem occurs in the form of Kavya’s arrival. Kavya tells Vanraj that she will never leave him, Anirudh has abused her and she will not return to him. Anupama wonders if Vanraj and Kavya really had any affair. Kavya creates a havoc on Anupama’s life.

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