Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Full Update 17th September

Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th September Weekend surprise

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Full Update 17th September Riddhima is surprised to see Kabir, who hugs her and tells her how much he is relieved to see her fine. He tells her that he is feeling guilty to risk her life. She happily tells him that she is fine now. He knows that he is really responsible for her state. He emotionally blackmails her. He tells her that he has risked her life by sending her to Vansh. He asks her why did she come in between when Vansh was getting shot. He wants to know why did she save Vansh’s life.

He asks her if she has feelings of a wife for Vansh. He wants to know what is she thinking. She tells him that they have to punish Vansh by proving him wrong, they don’t have to get him killed. She tells him how curious she was to find the enemy who wants to kill Vansh. She tells that she has found the yellow gloves man and came to find out. Kabir wants her to stop her madness. He wants to save his aide.

He tells her that she shouldn’t get after Vansh’s enemy. He reminds her that he has sent her for their mission. She tells him that she remembers her goals. He tells her that Vansh has many enemies, he will ultimately get shot by one of his enemy. He asks why does she care for Vansh. She tells him that Vansh is wrong, and even the killer would be wrong. She doesn’t want him to support the killer. He acts sweet to fool her once.

He tells her that she can’t focus on two things and miss out everything. He tells that maybe Vansh’s victim has come back for revenge, they never know. Riddhima agrees with him. Kabir makes his aide leave. He tells her that Vansh is really smart, he has powers to control his enemy and also use his charm to fool people. He doesn’t want her to become a target of a criminal. He wants her to focus on Ragini.

She tells him that she has sent the diary to him. She wants to know what he found in it. He tells that there was no strong evidence against Vansh. He thinks she is a big fool and didn’t know Vansh’s trap. He reminds her that he loves her. He tells that he is proud of her sacrifices. She happily goes away. He loves a fool like her. He thinks he has brainwashed her well and now she will think of getting justice for Ragini.

On the other hand, Vansh turns caring towards Riddhima. She asks him not to threaten her everytime. He shows his care and romances her. Riddhima gets smitten by his charm, but remembers her goals. Vansh feels love for her. She feels like melting her heart for him. He tells her that he can treat her hiccups by a lovely hug. Riddhima and Vansh have a line of cute moments. Riddhima’s change gets observed by Kabir’s aide.

Kabir knows that she is changing towards Vansh. He sends his aide to keep an eye on her. Vansh doesn’t want Riddhima to blame him for everything. He wants her to take rest. He tells her that its his guilt that she saved him and took over his pain, so he is being caring towards her. She tells him that she wants to know the person’s identity who shot him. He wants to know why is she curious to know about that enemy.

He tells that he has hired a private detective to find out the enemy. He cares for his family. He is sure that he will nab the culprit soon. He includes Riddhima in the family too. Kabir learns that Riddhima is still adamant to find the masked man. Kabir makes a plan to mislead her. He thinks his problem will get solved once he blames someone else. The servant happens to see the masked enemy and wants to inform Riddhima.

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