Kasautii Zindagii Kay Huge twist Komolika to kill Sneha

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Update 21st September Upcoming

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Huge twist Komolika to kill Sneha 16th September 2020 Anurag wants Prerna back in his life. Anurag determines to end her hatred. He tells that he will not lose her love, he has suffered a lot in his life and also made her suffer. He regrets his actions. He wants his strength, Prerna back. He wants to find out the papers to know Komolika’s plans. He plans a family dinner so that he can easily find the papers.

He apologizes to Komolika and tells her that he has realized his mistake. He acts very sweet to him. He tells her that Prerna has always insulted him, he wants to get over her and move on in life. He sings Komolika’s praise for always supporting him and getting him huge profits in his business. He tells her that he knows her worth now, he should treasure her. She doubts on his sugary words. He gets smarter than her and ends her doubts.

He tells that Prerna will never realize what sacrifices he has made for her. She thinks he got smitten by her magical charm. She agrees to have dinner with him. She tells that she was expecting him to take her out on a romantic date. He tells that they will plan the dinner date, but this time they shall have the dinner with the family.

Komolika is glad seeing the good change in him. She thinks its because of Prerna’s move to insult him. They head for the family dinner, which gets surprising for everyone. Moloy doubts Anurag seeing his sweet behavior towards Komolika. Anurag pampers Komolika like never before. Mohini asks the reason for it. Komolika tells that he is just loving her after realizing her worth. Mohini is happy for them. He lies to Moloy as well.

He tells that he wants to treat Komolika nicely. Moloy and Nivedita know that he can never accept Komolika and is doing everything by some plan. Nivedita thinks he is going to search for the papers to find the truth. She stays silent to not get accused by Komolika. Anurag makes an excuse to rush to the room. He goes to his room to find the papers.

He finally gets the papers and learns about Prerna’s sacrifice to give away the company shares to Komolika. He wonders how did Komolika manage to snatch the shares. He wants to know the reason for the blackmailing. He calls up Prerna to get an answer, but fails to connect.

Prerna worries of Mr. Bajaj’s anger. She thinks he got to know about her deal with Basus. She knows that he will be upset that she didn’t seek his permission or informed him before making the deal. She wants to explain him that she has done everything for the sake of Samidha and other orphans. She hopes that he understands out. Meanwhile, Kaushik takes Monu’s help and enters the college at night by cheating the guards. He wants to rectify his mistake and prove Kuki’s innocence in the exam leak case. He wants to help out Kuki and end his guilt. He fears of getting caught.

Furthermore, Anupam calls Nivedita to talk to her, but she doesn’t answer. She is much raged on seeing his name flashing on the phone. Anupam is returning in Nivedita’s life. We will see that Komolika will learn Sneha’s existence, which would be a big shock for her. Anurag confronts Nivedita to know about Komolika and Prerna’s deal. Anurag wants to help Prerna and tell her the complete truth. He can’t live without Prerna. Komolika plans to kill Sneha aka Samidha to break down Prerna and Anurag forever.

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