Choti Sardarni Kundali Bhagya Ishq Upcoming Spoilers

Choti Sardarni Kundali Bhagya Ishq Upcoming Spoilers

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Choti Sardarni Kundali Bhagya Ishq Upcoming Spoilers Ruksar insults Zara by reminding her that she is Kabir’s second wife now. Zara is ready to do anything to fulfill Ruksar’s demands, since she is much hurt because of Kabir’s misdeed. She tells Kabir that its really insulting that he knew his love and still he had chosen to marry Ruksar. She is much sorrowful. Kabir tries to explain her the situation in which he married Ruksar.

She tells Kabir that their love was never a happy journey for them, since he keeps his duties superior to love. She has no objection that he is dutiful to his religion and family. She gets away from Kabir, since he has fulfill his duty towards Ruksar. She tells him that he has failed their love by marrying Ruksar. Kabir gets upset to hurt her heart.

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Kundali Bhagya:
Preeta smartly fails Sherlyn and Mahira’s plans. She surprises the family by making a sweet dish. She tells that she has made the sweet dish as part of her first rasoi rasam. Rishabh and Rakhi feel happy to accept Preeta in the family. Rakhi wants to forget whatever happened. She wants to see Preeta’s values, which look same like before. Rishabh asks Preeta to serve the sweets to everyone. Preeta insists Karan to have it. Mahira waits for the family’s reaction on eating the chilli sweet dish. Sherlyn has ruined the sweet dish and thinks Preeta can never fix the problem now. What will Preeta do?

Qurbaan Hua:
Chahat hides from Neil. She wants to find her dad and send him away safely. Neil finds Chahat in the hospital. She stops her and questions her identity. Chahat lies to him.

Choti Sardarni:
Meher will be soon learning Manav’s truth when she sees him marrying Aditi. Vikram gets his memory back when he marries Aditi. He sees Meher and recalls their marriage. He also recalls Kulwant stabbing her. He confesses his love for Meher. He tells her that he has come back from the death just for her, no one can come between them, not even Sarabjeet. He answers Kulwant. He is happy to remember Meher and his love story. He wants Meher and Karan back in his life. Sarabjeet is happy for his sister’s marriage. He wants to confess love to Meher and unite with her. There is a big twist when Manav claims his rights on his wife Meher.

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