Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Komolika is left shocked

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Komolika is left shocked

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Komolika is left shocked 17th September 2020 Mr. Bajaj creates a storm in the house by confronting Kuki about Kaushik. Prerna was assuming him to be angry about her deal with Anurag. She learns about Kuki’s matter and supports her. Mr. Bajaj asks Kuki about meeting Kaushik. Kuki doesn’t tell him her feelings for Kaushik. She tells him about the accidental meet and the unplanned things that followed.

He expresses his annoyance towards Kuki, since she reminds him about his wife, who cheated him by having a relationship with someone. He tells Kuki that her mum married someone and left him when he loved and trusted her so much. He used to hate women after she deceived him. He recalls the bad past and vents his frustration on Kuki. Prerna doesn’t think its fair to scold Kuki for her mum’s misdeeds. She protects Kuki from his anger.

Kuki feels bad to lie to Prerna and Mr. Bajaj, since they both matter a lot to her, she loves them a lot. She has developed feelings for Kaushik. She wants to admit it to her family. On the other side, Kaushik tries hard to help Kuki and cancel her rustication.

He gets Anurag’s signed papers and thinks there will be no documents with the principal now to rusticate Kuki. Before he could make a leave from the principal’s office, the guards reach him. Kaushik thinks to escape without bringing any disgrace for Anurag, who is the college trustee. Meanwhile, Anurag finds out that Komolika had blackmailed Prerna and got the majority shares of the Bajaj project. He wants to confront Komolika. He goes to ask Komolika, but she gets busy with Chandrika’s calls.

Chandrika calls Komolika to inform that Sneha is alive. Komolika doesn’t entertain her calls initially and shows her angry side. Chandrika wonders why is she speaking rudely when she was a sweet person eight years back. She thinks to take money from Komolika by selling her the crucial information. Chandrika turns out to be evil woman who ignited the fire in the orphanage to kill Sneha on Komolika’s orders.

She wants to inform Komolika that Samidha is Sneha, and now she has met her real mother Prerna. Anurag asks Komolika about her doings. Komolika has no time to answer him. She makes a leave. She learns that Prerna has met Chandrika in the orphanage. Chandrika sends her a proof to make her believe.

Komolika is shocked to know that Prerna has been meeting her daughter. She wants to know who is she. Chandrika deals with her and asks her to come to meet her in order to know about Sneha. Komolika storms out of the house to find out Sneha. Also, Anurag confronts Nivedita about Komolika and Prerna’s deal. He expects his sister to tell him the truth. Nivedita doesn’t reveal anything, being scared of Komolika. She tells him that she has no idea about the deal. He tells her that Prerna has signed the legal papers to give away her major shares to Komolika, which isn’t a normal thing. He wants to find out why did Prerna sacrifice her business.

He tells that Komolika would have forced Prerna to do so. Nivedita asks him not to worry for Prerna. He admits that Prerna is his life, he will always help her, she means everything to him. He doesn’t want Komolika to hurt Prerna. Komolika learns the shocking truth that Samidha is Sneha. She gets revengeful to kill her. Will Anurag and Prerna learn the truth and be able to save their daughter? Keep reading.

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