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Indiawaali Maa Qurbaan Hua Spoilers 19th September

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Indiawaali Maa Qurbaan Hua Spoilers 19th September Kaku and Hasmukh speak to Chinamma’s mother and convinces her for the engagement. Kaku wants the coming baby to get a legitimate name in the society. She is happy for her son, who is becoming a father. She gets happy to get Rohan and Chinamma engaged. They sing, dance and have fun time. Kaku happens to be dreaming. She imagines Rohan and Chinamma’s engagement, while attending someone’s engagement ceremony. She gets much upset. Rohan finds Kaku’s letter and learns that she has gone to find a job to earn money so that she can help him. Rohan gets much upset knowing her move.

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan:
Guneet, Nia and girls gang enjoy a lot in the bachelorette party. Even Pammi gets a fun time. Nia explains the simple game. She tells that they will dance on the music and then the music stops, they will get tasks to complete. Guneet is excited to get the task. Nia challenges her for truth. She asks Guneet to admit the truth. She knows that Guneet can never lie to anyone. Pammi and everyone want to know what is Guneet hiding. Nia wants Guneet to admit her feeling for Amber.

Indiawaali Maa Qurbaan Hua Spoilers:
Chahat is confused about the jewellery. Neel explains her the jewellery significance by saying the right names of it. He helps her and adorns her with the jewellery. They have a romantic moment. He tells that wearing the Kamarbandh protects the woman from evil spirits, its their beliefs. He explains her further about the rest of the jewellery. She doesn’t understand the logic associated with the toe rings.

He tells her that toe rings will always control women. She angrily kicks him and tells the real logic of the toe rings. She tells the scientific reason that the toe nerve gets pressed by the toe ring and keeps blood circulation normal. She asks him to keep his blood circulation in control and wear the toe ring. Neel teases her. They have a cute banter. Neel hides the fact from Chahat that her dad came to take her jewellery and money, not to meet her. He wants Chahat to not feel hurt by her dad’s doings.

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