Dil Hi Toh Hai Season 3 New Episode 21 Written Update

Dil Hi Toh Hai Season 3 New Episode 21 Written Update

Dil Hi Toh Hai Season 3 New Episode 21 Written Update Palak is sorrowful that Vikrant called it over and left her, he didn’t even show trust once. Rithvik finds her crying and blaming herself. He tells her that he will sort out the mess for her. He feels responsible for the misunderstanding between Vikrant and her. He doesn’t want her to get tensed.

Vikrant returns home and gets the good news of Kartik and Shanaya’s engagement. Isha wants him to help her in finalizing things. Vikrant is hurt hearing Shivam’s taunts. Shivam calls him an outsider. Vikrant tells Mamta that he can’t forgive Palak’s cheat. He feels he had false hopes. He gets upset and doesn’t want any clarification from Rithvik. Rithvik wants to explain him. He reveals about Rohit, who cheated on Setu.


He tells that Palak and he didn’t stay in the hotel room. He wants Vikrant to show his trust on Palak, who loves him more than he does. Vikrant breaks down. He knows that Palak will always love Rithvik. Palak calls up Rithvik to know about Vikrant. She can’t forgive Rohit and Rithvik for their lie which broke Vikrant’s heart. She scolds Rohit for hiding his cheat and putting her into trouble. Bijay tells Mamta that he will try to solve the mess.

He feels Shivam is sensible. He thinks and gets an idea. He tells her that Aman can help. Bijay and Mamta ask Aman to find out the actual problem affecting Palak and Vikrant’s marriage so that they can help them. Aman tells that he will definitely find out. Palak arrives home to speak to Vikrant. She doesn’t want him to decide for the divorce in a rush. He asks her not to fool him. Palak tells Rithvik that Vikrant didn’t listen to her.

Aman takes Kartik’s help. He wants Kartik to organize a party so that they can have Rithvik and Vikrant to solve their issues. Kartik asks Vikrant to come for the boys’ outing. Shanaya and Kartik convince Vikrant. Vikrant deals with many sorrows. He stays cheerful for the sake of the family. Kartik asks Rithvik to come for the boys’ outing. Rithvik agrees. He tells Palak that he will talk to Vikrant in the party, he will explain everything.

Palak wants him to be sure. Rithvik promises to sort things for her. The boys head to the club, sing, dance and enjoy their time. Rithvik wants to explain Vikrant. He asks Vikrant to hear the truth and understand. He gets to see Tanya in the club. He rushes to talk to her. He tells Tanya that Rohit is married, he had a fight with his wife that night. He doesn’t want her to mention about Rohit. She agrees. She tells that she isn’t stalking Rohit. Rohit also meets Tanya and hopes that she didn’t tell anyone about them. He hands over some cash to her.

He ends up hurting her sentiments. She feels insulted. She wants to teach a lesson to Rohit. Rithvik returns to Vikrant and tells about Rohit’s problem. Shivam upsets Vikrant by telling about Palak and Vikrant’s matter. Tanya worries Rohit by telling him that she will tell everyone about them.

Reeva and Shanaya decide to spike Palak’s drink so that she can admit the feelings. Tanya fools Rohit and records his confession. She wants to send his cheat confession to his wife. Palak gets drunk. She tells the girls that she didn’t cheat on Vikrant, she has no relation with Rithvik. Rithvik looks for Vikrant. His conversation is left incomplete because of Shivam. Rithvik finds Rohit overdrunk. He keeps an eye on Rohit and others.

Tanya wants to make the video viral. She sends the video to Rohit’s family. Setu falls asleep and misses to see the video. Palak wakes up in the middle of the night. She hopes Rithvik spoke to Vikrant. She gets Rohit’s confession video and is left shocked. Rohit’s mistake was going to bring a storm in their lives. No one was aware of the upcoming storm.

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