Kundali Bhagya 23rd September 2020 Review Update

Kundali Bhagya 23rd September 2020 Review Update

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Kundali Bhagya 23rd September 2020 Review Update Karan looks for his cufflinks. Preeta argues with him to stop him from checking her cupboard. She tells him that he shouldn’t waste her time. She wants to select a good saree for the reception. He asks her to find the cufflinks when she has lost it. Preeta helps him. They have a moment. He feels love for her. Preeta tries a saree. Karan thinks she shouldn’t wear any tacky saree. She asks his choice.

He finds her choice horrible. She wants to see his expressions and understand what he wants to convey. He likes a saree, which she understands by reading his eyes. He gets hurt. She takes care of him and helps him. She tells him that she will get ready once he is ready and out of the room. She asks him to not act like a kid. Karan wants to express his feelings for her. She falls into his arms. This makes him lend help to her.

He is thankful to her for all the help. She finds him behaving sweet some times. Prithvi gets too drunk. He gets Mahira’s call and learns that she is ready to help him in winning Preeta. He asks her if she knows him well. She tells him that she knows him as the loser who lost Preeta to Karan. He tells her that she is also the loser who lost Karan to Preeta. They both show the mirror to each other.

He knows that even she is hurt because of Karan. He tells that he isn’t interested in her nonsense. Mahira tells him that she didn’t lose anything, she isn’t ready to accept this that she lost Karan. She thinks he has accepted his defeat. She asks him to get Preeta in his life. He tells her that she would be crying and want a shoulder to sob. He asks her to go to someone else. She tells that she can really help him in getting Preeta.

He agrees to take his help. Karan collides with Rishabh and falls into his arms, which makes Rishabh burst into laughter. Karan teases Rishabh about Sherlyn. Rishabh teases Karan about Preeta. Karan tells him that Preeta is a problem, she has taken over everything, she snatched his cupboard as well. Rishabh enjoys his stories.

Karan tells that Rishabh didn’t share the cupboard with Sherlyn, even he wants his cupboard. Rishabh shows Sherlyn’s clothes in his cupboard. Karan asks him how did he share the cupboard. Rishabh tells that husband and wife have to share everything. Sherlyn tells Karan that Preeta will do everything that he dislikes. She tells that she always does everything as per Rishabh’s wish. She tells that Rishabh insisted her to share the cupboard, since they share their lives together.

She makes lovely dovey stories. She tells that Rishabh always wants her close. Karan can’t believe it. Rishabh hides his differences with Sherlyn. Karan asks Rishabh why was he hiding his feelings. Prithvi’s mum returns home and finds him drunk. She learns that he is missing Preeta and is heartbroken. She wants him to move on.

Preeta manages the arrangements. She goes to deck up for the reception. Mahira bribes the servant, who keeps Preeta engaged in the kitchen. She has spiked the water to make Preeta fall asleep. She wants to be Karan’s partner. Preeta feels dizzy. Mahira challenges Preeta. She tells that she will meeting the guests as Karan’s wife. She threatens Preeta that she has found Raavan for her. Preeta is left in shock.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Kundali Bhagya 23rd September 2020 Written Update: 2/5
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